Friday, February 20, 2015

Salvation Army Moxie Finds

  Once again I made a good haul at Salvation Army. I found a bag of 6 or 7 dolls for $4.99. It contained these three Moxie Girlz, and my first Moxie Boyz doll!

And they all have clothes, and best of all: shoes!
His name is Owen. He's from the Magic Snow series, like the Kellan I showed you a while back.

I wish they had actually done his hair like the picture on the box.

Hey! I think I have that hat!
I prefer the hair laying down, as opposed to his sticky up style.

   I tried to make it lay down and to the side, but because it wasn't rooted that way it left him a little thin on top.
  The blonde girl is Magic Snow Avery.

I actually found her hat at the same time, in a separate bag of shoes and accessories.

I didn't know I had her hat until I was going through the stuff at home.
Most of the shoes were Monster High, but only about half were pairs. I now have a bunch of single shoes, so I need to go through my Monster High dolls and see who might have the matching single shoe. I know I have some who are only wearing one shoe.
  The two dark haired Girlz might both be  Lexa.

"Who did you say you were?"

It's a little confusing because they have different skin tones and different colour eyes.

I like that their hair isn't just one colour. It's made of several different shades, so it's very realistic. The hair on the brunette Moxie Girlz dolls is also very smooth and nice to comb. I can see where kids who love to play with their dolls hair would love these  dolls. The blondes are a different story though. Their hair tends to get crispy on the ends. Avery's was kind of crispy and matted when I got her.She took extra conditioning.
 Here's the denim dress one in her box. Seems to be a different doll from either of the ones I got. She has the darker skin tone, but green eyes and black hair.
I have had that Teddy bear for ages, but I didn't know what it went to!

The one in the denim dress has sparkly eye shadow. It's not the first doll I've seen with this, including the new Avery, so is it original?Or was it something kids could add to their doll?
She has sleeve damage on one side, but I think I have another of these dresses.
My favourite of all of these is the Lexa in the Hoodie. I love her dark hair and that cute hoodie.

She's I Am Smart Lexa. 

In the bag of accessories that had Avery's hat I also got one of Lexa's cute knee socks with the anime character on it. (Anybody know who it is?) Unfortunately it was just the one sock, and I didn't get her skirt or anime shirt.
  Moxie Girlz are made by MGA, who also make Bratz,(As if you couldn't tell.) They look younger and sweeter than Bratz though, and a lot more innocent. I don't like Bratz, (Except for some of the Bratzillaz.),but occasionally there was a nice coat or cool pair of shoes that I would have liked to be able to use. Unfortunately, the Moxie Girlz, even though they share the same annoying removable foot trait as Bratz dolls and are made by the same company, can't share shoes/feet. The peg and hole in Bratz dolls legs/shoes is just slightly bigger than the Moxies.
  I like Moxie Girlz.,but I need to trim down the number of them I own. (I keep hoping to replace my favourite one. She had a mark near her eye, and in trying to remove it I removed part of her eye!) When I first started finding them at thrift stores and yard sales a couple of years ago, they seldom had feet. Now when I find one they not only have feet, but have never even been taken out of their original outfits.Maybe it's a sign that the generation that were buying these dolls have begun to tire or grow too old for them, and are now only going through the motions: They still buy them or are given them as gifts out of habit, but they no longer bother to play with them.
  See you again soon.


  1. Congrats! Another great haul. I think it was worth it just to get the Owen doll. He's cute.

  2. I agree. The black haired girl is my favourite of the girls, but I was most excited to get a boy for a change.

  3. What a gorgeous find! I've never seen these dolls O.O. But maybe they sold them in just a few shops in Germany.


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