Friday, April 24, 2015

Big Girls Like Dinosaurs Too...

  Yes, I am still a kid inside. I love miniature things, dinosaurs, and glow in the dark stuff! This past weekend I found something that covers all those things, plus takes me back to my son's childhood. When Fuzz was little he loved dinosaurs. (I have to say, he still does. He just turned 20 and for his birthday his girlfriend bought him a reproduction raptor claw like Doctor Grant carried around in Jurassic Park. She's a keeper...) For one birthday he had a Jurassic Park/dinosaur birthday party. One of the things we put in the treat bags was a put-it-together-yourself dinosaur skeleton made of glow in the dark plastic. Everybody got one, and Fuzzy and Emma had several. They didn't stay together very well, and stray bones are still turning up in weird parts of the house, but they were pretty cool. They GLOW IN THE DARK for Pete's sake! When I was out with Emma and Ivy last Saturday we stopped at the Dollar Tree to check on something for Ken. (I thought I had made a great coup: eight cans of clams! It was only when telling Ken about it and he pointed out that I was supposed to look for OYSTERS...

... not CLAMS

... that I realized I had bought the wrong thing! I bought eight cans of CLAMS. Hey. I'm vegetarian. It's all animals to me. They look kind of alike and go in some kind of soupish thing, right? Clam chowder, oyster stew. You know.)
   Anyway, I was pretty excited when I found mini versions of those glow-in-the-dark dinosaur skeletons the kids had when they were little.
There were 6 different dinosaurs available. They come in packs of two. Each pack is only a dollar.
  When I put one of them together they weren't as small as I had hoped, (and they still don't hold together very well.). They're still pretty cool though.

The triceratop, Fuzzy's favourite. Those rib bones keep popping out. You might want to glue these things.
They ended up being sort of the scale for 18" dolls.

Samantha here is giving you and idea of the size. They would look cute on a shelf in a doll's room. They aren't actually very skeletally accurate. (I made that word up...) I think they would still look good in a very small doll sized museum. Maybe your American Girl wants to be a paleontologist when she grows up...

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