Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rebodying a 'Dress Me' body Susie Sad Eyes

  After a freezing cold, rainy day yesterday, today was really quite warm and very sunny.I spent the day  transplanting hosta plants that my neighbor wanted to get rid of. I started transplanting them last spring. I moved part of them, but I never got the other half until today. All together I must have gotten over 100 hostas from her! They should perk up the front of my house where it's too shady for most things to grow.
  A while back I did a week of posts about Big Eye dolls. I showed you a platinum blonde Susie Sad Eyes head that I found in package on a 'dress me' type doll body at Salvation Army.(You can see that original post HERE.) I wanted to rebody her on something with more poseability than the 'dress me' body, with it's unmoving legs. It was only recently that I realized I had a body that was the right scale, and even the right skin tone for the super pale Susie. It's a jointed body from an 8" Mattel Harry Potter doll. I thought you might like to see what Platinum Susie looks like on her new body.

This particular Harry body has jointed ankles, as well as knees, hips, shoulder, elbows, and neck. The neck joint also makes the head able to tilt.Some of the Harry Potter dolls don't have the jointed ankles.The shoes are from one of the Mattel Hermione dolls, which have the same or similar body.

Brand new, but she still had a green spot on her nose!

The cute little dog shirt is a Barbie shirt, the shorts belong to a Stacey doll I think. I have no idea who the socks or the jacket belonged to.

In this photo, and the next one, you can see what a perfect match the skin tone of the body is for Susie's head.

The neck hole in her head is a little big for the neck knob on the body, so her head is a bit loose. I put some sticky tac on the neck knob to try to make her head less floppy.

She looks so cute.

I love how her body looks like a real kid's body in this pose.

  If you read the Big Eye Week posts you'll know I love Susie Sad Eyes and Susie Slicker dolls. I'm glad to finally have a body for this head.


  1. Hey just thought you should know, those Harry/ Hermione doll bodies are also Gymnast Stacie (Janet, Whitney) bodies. So when you run into those, know that you're dealing with the same body. :) (y)

  2. Thanks! should have mentioned that.The Harry Potter bodies are much more pale than the Gymnast Stacie and friends,so Hermione's was a better match.But yes, the Gymnast bodies are the same,and very poseable.I wish they all had more poseable wrists,like the ankles, but they're still a nice alternative if you want to rebody a standard Stacie,or other doll.


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