Thursday, June 4, 2015

And The Winner Is...The Results Of The Blogaversary Givaway!

  Here we are at the end of the Blogaversary Giveaway. The deadline was midnight Eastern Standard U.S. time last night. There were five entrants, not counting the one entrant who forgot the rules about being a follower showing in my side bar and only picking one prize. (Don't worry PoetryinLeaves. Maybe next giveaway.Thanks for your interest.)  Today the qualifying entrants,

Kyraja, Natalia,Freja, Miss L Spooky, and Jawn Pickles, had their names put into a...Ok, it was a General Foods International Instant Coffee container. (Fuzz does enjoy his flavoured coffee.)

Ivy did the name drawing.

And the winner she pulled out was...

The irony here is that Ivy ALWAYS has her nails painted, and today, when she had her hand photographed for the world to see, she was between nail paints! of our newest followers, Miss L Spooky! Congratulations Miss L Spooky! Her choice was the 1/6 scale trash can and desk lamp. Those will be sent out to you Spooky, as soon as you leave your mailing address in the comments. (It won't be published, so don't worry.) Thanks to everybody who entered. There might be another giveaway around Christmas time, so everybody will have another chance at winning then.


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  2. Congratulations to happy winner:)

  3. Congratulations Miss L Spooky! :)


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