Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day! The World Family is Back

   Some Dads are great storytellers.

"...and the dragon came puffing around the corner. The knight held his shield up to block the intense heat from the fire the dragon was breathing..."
Wally World holds his kids spellbound with his tales.

"And then the dragon sneezed and blew out his fire..."

"Well since there's a pause in the story while the dragon heats back up, here Dad.", says Simon, "This is for you.It's from all of us."

 "Because, see, not only are you the best dad in the world," Tammy explained, "you're our dad, and you're the best. So either way, you're the World's Best Dad!"

"Oh ha. Keep the day job Tammy." Todd snidely remarked.

"I will, 'cause my day job is punching you in the face!" Tammy snapped back,starting to step toward Todd.

"That's enough." Dolly said, trying to stop them before a war could get underway.

"Cool off. You're going to ruin Daddy's day." soothed Dolly. "I'm sorry." Tammy said.
   Wally looked lovingly on his brood. "Thanks you guys. It's easy to be the best Dad when you have the best kids...Well,except when you're trying to kill each other..."

                                   Happy Father's Day! From Planet of the Dolls and the World family.

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  1. Aww, that's so cute! I really like your story, it was a great start in the day. Happy fathers day!


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