Saturday, June 13, 2015

Recent Acquisitions: Some Miscellleneous Goodies and My Very Confused Dollhouse

  As I mentioned the other day, today is World Doll Day . I hoped to find something amazing today while yard saling, and I did, but none of it was dolls. (Although there was some doll related stuff.) I have found some pretty neat things this Spring though. (It's not summer until the 21st of this month, but it sure feels like it here today!)
  Yesterday I got this beautiful embroidered hanky.
Don't have anybody whose name starts with P. Don't care.
   Today I got this cute tin.

 Last week I got this little Marie Osmond Paper Roses doll for a dollar or less.

 And today I got this awesome lobster trap in about 1/6 scale.

When I asked, "How much is the lobster trap?"  the lady selling it said, "Oh. Is that what it is? It has a giraffe in it. I didn't know what it was, so I put a giraffe in it." That makes sense...

  My dolls are all vegetarians, so we won't be trapping any lobsters, but it will look great in with all the 1/6 scale nautical stuff I've been gathering, like this store front.

Nothing comes between a man and his lobster trap. Nothing.
Don't mind him. His pants are in the wash. Got him recently too.The scale looks a bit off in the picture. The trap's not as big as it looks. Although he did need some help holding it up.
A couple of weeks ago I found this cute Cabbage Patch Norma Jean mini doll for a quarter at a yard sale.

She is just hanging out in one of my dollhouses, and having some tea with Chelsea, who has apparently just won the Olympics. The tea set came from a junk store the same weekend.

It was a dollar. When I got home I discovered it was made in occupied Japan.
  At the same yard sale where I got Norma Jean I got these three girls.

They're actually Christmas ornaments I guess, because they have loops sticking out of their heads to hang them by. They were 25 cents each too. And yes, this room is in the same dollhouse as the pictures with Norma Jean. I didn't put in the wall paper and carpet. I bought it with them already in. I only supplied the furnishings and the area rug. This room is usually occupied by a late 1800's lady.

Ken and Ivy commented that it was sort of weird and I said it was like that one room at Collinwood on "Dark Shadows": a whole different timeline was going on in that one room. She even has Quentin's gramophone.
 The kitchen is sort of 1920's/30's.

You might have seen it before when the room looked like this. But Dollhouse Lady got bored.
She decided to make cookies.

Looks like they might be oatmeal cookies.(Except what is the meat grinder for?)

I don't know what you'd call the other two rooms.

There's some heavy duty playing going on here. Girls, make sure you put all those toys away when you're done.

This room just has so much wrong with it. Raggedy Andy and Alice hanging out with a dollhouse lady who has a serious chocolate problem, (There's a box of Whitman chocolates next to her.), and an ex-mermaid who hasn't found anything to wear yet. (But she's waiting in the dollhouse until her wardrobe comes in.)
 'Mixed' I guess. The other three coexist a lot better than the room with the 18th century lady. That room is just sort of out of place.
  Today I found this awesome thing too.

When I asked the lady how much it was I expected some outrageous price, but she said $1! I said 'Having!'

It turns out to be worth a lot of money though, so I may not be 'keeping'! Ken doesn't get paid when he doesn't work and we'll be in England for a couple of weeks.
  Stay tuned for more recent acquisitions coming soon.


  1. This dollhouse is beautiful. I really like vintage style of it. The kitchen is my favourite, it looks so cozy.

    1. Thank you. The vintage style is because I love old things. My real house is done in an old style too.I bought the dollhouse from a lady for $10. She said her brother made it. I don't know if he had made it recently, but the wall paper and stuff doesn't look very old. Maybe he made it recently for her, or for her daughter. I would like to redo the flooring and wall paper in the kitchen and the wall paper in the living room. I'd like to have a kitchen floor that looks like vintage linoleum.

  2. A lobster pot? You really can find just about everything in 1/6 scale! The tin is really cure too.

  3. I don't see a naked baby on the cutting board where Fuzzy put it, so I am disappointed!

    1. Emmaaaa! There was never a baby on the cutting board, naked or otherwise! There is a giant green fish in the frying pan. Fuzzy put it in the living room at one point as a joke, so as a joke back at him I put it in the frying pan. It's still there. You can see it in the pictures. And readers, neither Emma or Fuzzy are as warped as this makes it sound!


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