Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Too Late For April Showers, But In Time For Rainy May

  I'm still working on a post about my birthday present, which was in MARCH! I have an excuse though: I couldn't get the pictures off the camera. Problem solved now though,so you'll see that soon. In the meantime I meant to do some April Showers pictures. Well, then I couldn't find Tammy's Puddle Jumpers umbrella, and it rained so much or was so windy I couldn't take pictures outside. Add to that my surgical thing and I wasn't going to be crawling around on the ground to take pictures for a few days! So, today I gave up on the umbrella and got Tammy's photoshoot in right before it poured again. It has been raining steadily for weeks now. I'm just waiting for my basement to start filling.

You'll have seen this doll before if you saw my Tammy Week. She's HERE.

"How embarrassing! My stand is showing!" I never use stands in my pictures! So I do it once and think I have the right angle so it doesn't show, and there it is!

She got tired of trying to keep that scarf on. It's too short to tie. How are you supposed to keep it on? Was there a clip or something?

She has a great hair colour, but I'm not too sure I like the orange lips.

I love this 'shop'. It's actually a wall hanging.

In reality the doorway is a little short for her.

But the biggest flaw is that the window display over flows into the door. I know they must have made it that way to cover the fact that there's no shop in there, but they could have done something else! I have big dreams of taking this thing apart,making the door open,making the window display stop at the door, and making a whole nautical gift shop inside. I've been gathering nautical minis for a while now.


  1. There were actually two different scarves made for this outfit. One with ties and one without.


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