Thursday, March 13, 2014

Doll-A-Day 72: Tammy in Puddle Jumpers

  Ok. It's still cold here.Ice on the ground. I'm still freezing and I'm getting tired of it.
  Today's Tammy is another auburn haired girl.

Tammy's going for a walk. She's ready for the weather in her coat and scarf. 
  She's wearing her Puddle Jumpers rain coat and scarf. How are you supposed to tie that scarf?!
I thought it was raining...

 She's supposed to have white galoshes.I wish I had them. They're a molded version of the kind my teachers wore when I was a kid, with the elastic loop that hooked over a button on the side.
Seems clear out...

Tennis Tammy: What are you doing in that coat?! It's 75 degrees out here!

Well now she feels dumb. But with this weather, how can you ever be sure what it's going to be like out?!

She takes her scarf off, but she's still a little wary. Was that a drop of rain?

This uncertainty is a little embarrassing.

Is anybody looking?

Oh whatever! I'm out of here.

I'm keeping the coat on though!

  She has great dark auburn coloured hair. I think it's slightly darker, but shorter than yesterday's doll. I prefer this colour to Tennis Tammy's, even though Tennis has got the same colour hair as the Tammy I had as a kid. 
The purse I used in the Tammy in Travel Along post turns out to be a Tammy purse after all. It goes to Puddle Jumpers and was also sold in an accessory pack.Well, too late now.
Tomorrow we'll end Tammy Week. See you then.

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