Thursday, May 19, 2016

It's My Third Blogaversary! I'm Celebrating With A 'New" J Doll, Old Church Street! Plus My Top Ten Posts Ever

  Three years ago today I started this blog.

Happy Blogaversary to me!
I wasn't sure of everything I would do with it. So far it has served as a place to share some photography, some fun finds, and some interesting facts. It's given me the chance to voice a few opinions, get some writing out of my system,and hopefully educate and occasionally amuse.
  I was thinking of doing a giveaway for the blogaversary, but there has been such a low interest in previous giveaways I gave the idea up. Maybe I'll do a Christmas giveaway.
  So what have been the most popular posts I've done so far? You might think the oldest ones would have had the most views, accumulating them over time. Not really true. The most popular posts are scattered throughout the three years. Some of them are surprising. Counting down, here are my Top Ten Most Popular Posts (So far.)
10. Topo Gigio, from Living Dolls Week. Topo was Doll-A-Day 181. You can see the post HERE.
9. Little Miss No Name. My childhood LMNN was Doll-A-Day 33. You can see her HERE.
8. Newborn Thumbelina. Another of my favourite childhood dolls was Doll-A-Day 26. Check that post out HERE.
7. That Kid. The most sought after doll of my life was part of Talkin' 'Bout Boys Week and was Doll-A-Day 218. I had wanted him since I was 5. Find out what all the fuss was about HERE.
6. Ratti girl.This Ratti Tjorven doll with the somewhat unsettling grin was Doll-A-Day 9. See her in all her glory HERE.
5.  Midge and Tressy and the second Barbie Dreamhouse. This post about a yard sale haul of Tressys,Midges,Allan, and Ken, and my online purchase of a Barbie Dreamhouse full of mystery goodies ranks at number 5. To solve the mystery click HERE.
4. Ivy Cottage dolls Violet Pickles and Ruby Buttons were a joint Doll-A-Day 320. These seemingly little known children's play dolls were the creation of  famous doll artist E.J. Taylor. Succumb to their cuteness HERE.
3. The second part of my 2 parter on Beatles dolls and ornaments comes in at number 3. To 'Come Together' with them click HERE.
2. Ai doll Bee Balm was Doll-A-Day 21, and my second most popular post so far by way more than a nose.See why HERE.
And our number 1 post of all time is, (Drum roll please!)
Mrs. Beasley! This extra long post about Mrs, Beasley dolls and how I found the Beasley of my dreams, (which I had been dreaming since childhood!), was Doll-A-Day 27, and can be found HERE.
  Anyway, to celebrate I gave myself a blogaversary present today by deboxing a doll I've had for a while, this J-Doll,'Old Church Street'.

I got her at Tuesday Morning a while back, but I didn't open her because I thought I might have to sell her. (I bought a lot of dolls there that day!) But I really like her, and she was only $20, and after three years of hard blogging, I think I've earned her!

 I love J Dolls. They have great faces, so delicate.

 Unlike a lot of ball jointed dolls, J Dolls don't have changeable eyes.

They have the same bodies as Pullips, the Number 3 and Number 4.

The J Dolls I have have at least 2 different body types.Old Church Street has the number 3 body. She has an extra waist joint the number 4 doesn't have, but a less pose-able head, and those breakable, weird looking wrists.

Her head can only turn left and right. She can't look up or down.

Fortunately she doesn't seem to share a common weakness with the other dolls I have with this body: highly breakable wrists. I've had a couple whose hands broke off nearly straight out of the boxes. (You can see my other J Doll posts HERE, HERE, HERE,and HERE.

This one has a less attractive wrist joint too.

 I seem to either love or hate these J Doll clothes. Most of them I love, including this one.
The clothes are generally well made, at least on the J Dolls I have bought.

There are also a lot of pieces to the outfits, which is good value and gives you lots of options for looks.

The shoes are often a let down though. Some are plain and ugly, and a lot of them don't stay on very well. I lost one of this girls shoes a couple of times during her photoshoot. Luckily I found it both times.
Where has my shoe gone?!
The hair on my other J Dolls is very smooth and soft. This doll has courser hair that is harder to keep looking nice.

I just washed my hair and I can't do a thing with it!
  So, Happy Blogaversary to me! I hope you're all enjoying it as much as I am. And here's a little more of Old Church Street.


  1. She is just darling as well as her outfit.
    Happy Blogaversary!!!

  2. Congratulations to your blog anniversary! :)
    The J-doll is so pretty, I love her eye colour:)

    1. Thank you.She has a lot going for her,even if I'm not a big fan of blue eyes. I'm glad she joined my group of J Dolls.

  3. Happy Blog Anniversary! I really learn so much - when I get a chance to actually read your blog ^_^. I love the dolls featured in it and always find s few or my own - but didn't know who they were (EX: Kimberly - Yeah!So cute too). So thank you and please, continue ^_^! (Oh, who is the little redhead holding your flag sign? I have seen her before - what a cutie)

  4. Thank you very much! Tammy World, (My 'little redhead'), is a When I Read I Dream 'Fern', as in Charlotte's Web, from 2003. She's made by Mattel, and has the Stacy body. (Barbie's little sister.)She's my alter ego, since she looks a lot like I did as a kid.

  5. Congratulations on your blogiversary. Sorry this comment is late. I must have missed this post when I was having computer issues. Anyway, I'm learning the hard way exactly what you mean about there sometimes being low interest in giveaways. I'm currently hosting a giveaway for my one year blogiversary, and so far there's been zero interest.
    Signed, Treesa

    1. Thanks Treesa! Everybody, Treesa is giving away some really cool Disney figures, so get your butts over to Fashion Doll Memoirs and enter!

  6. Gratulacje! kolejnych lat lalkowania życzę!!!
    jasnooka j-doll wspaniała - też o Niej marzę ♥


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