Sunday, February 4, 2018

Boopsie,Cutesy,and Ginger

  A few days ago I promised you a look at some recent Goodwill hauls. Well, here they are.

These guys all need some clean up.

These kids were in a bag together. I'm trying to fund a trip to England in the Spring,so I thought these kids might help. They aren't super valuable, but they are worth more than they cost.The tallest one is an 8" Ginger doll.

Ginger is marked on the back of her head.

Ginger was sold by Cosmopolitan in the 1950's. She looks similar to Vogue's Ginny because both were actually manufactured by Commonwealth Plastics.

This Ginger is a walker,and her head does still turn when her legs are moved. She has cloudy eyes,so I'll have to see if I can clean them,or if,like so many dolls of this era, the eyes are cloudy on the inside and can't be improved. I just haven't felt up to doing anything with her yet. They look like they might be ok though. Her sleep eyes open and close alright.

The big plastic baby is Boopsie.

Boopsie was made by Ideal between 1950 and 1955.

Boopsie also measures 8" tall. The all hard plastic baby has side glance sleep eyes.

Apparently Boopsie came in just  a diaper, so there's not much missing. The naked plastic kid and the one in the crocheted dress are similar, but not identical. ** A Flickr friend has told me they are Knickerbocker dolls.**

Like her 'sister',this doll has jointed arms,but no hip or neck joints.

Naked girl has molded hair, but she has had hair glued to her head.too. She has molded on,painted shoes.

They're molded to be T straps,but not painted that way.

 My favourite of this bunch is her 'sister'.

She has different arms than the other doll. She has cute flat handed arms that mean she can do cute poses.

Like this one!

She has similar molded shoes to the other girl,but she has roll down, not folded down socks,and they're not painted.

I think that in spite of being crocheted, this is her original dress.


 Look at the underneath bit.

The slip is sewn to her crocheted undies.

She's wearing a crocheted dress, and a yellow hair ribbon. there was another yellow hair ribbon in the bag that matches the one on her head, but if it's hers, I can't figure out where it goes.

I really like this kid. She may have to stay...


Look at that cuteness.

These aren't the only Goodwill finds I made recently. That's a hint...


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    1. But I want to go to England!:)Plus I have too much stuff. Can't keep everything,and Ginger doesn't appeal to me at all. I have a different type of Ginger that was my sister's when she was a kid. She's sweet. But this one is one of those no-neck girls. I'm sure she'll be cuter when she's cleaned up and dressed though.


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