Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Perfect Tiny Tree,and the Imperfect Doctor

  My friend Lori and I went to Kentucky on Saturday to pick up her new horse trailer. When we got there we discovered that she had the wrong kind of hitch and would have to have it removed, and buy a new one and have it installed. So we went home trailerless. However,when we stopped for lunch I found this branch on the ground at the restaurant. It makes a perfect tiny tree!

It would make a great tree next to a little haunted house.

It's probably almost 2 feet tall, I think. (I didn't think to measure it until just now.)

The girl siting in it is 4" tall.
I thought of having my 'Huckleberry Fuzzy' pose in it.

This is the polymer clay boy I made, which has been named after my son Fuzzy. You can see his 'Day' HERE.
But I just rearranged my desk drawers a few days ago,and the old thing about putting something in a safe place,or a better place, and then not being able to find it still holds! I couldn't find the clear box I had put Huckleberry Fuzzy and some other dolls I made in The really stupid thing is, it WAS in the drawer I thought it was in! It was just hiding under the miniature Rockem Sockem Robots that I need to repair,and I didn't see it...until later when I was rearranging some other stuff and put something in the drawer! Typical!

So I had to use a stand in. The girl sitting in the tree is an unfinished  doll I've had sitting around here for a while.

She's only had one boot painted so far.

Her head, arms, and boots are made of paper clay. She has a wire armature. I think when I get her finished she'll have braids and be wearing a green plaid dress.
  I had another appointment with my useless doctor yesterday. A thyroid level of what is called THS should be no higher than 5. That's the highest it should be. My gynecologist said he liked his patients to be somewhere around the middle,2.5.Yesterday's doc showed me my records, which showed that my thyroid was over 8 when he started me on the medicine a couple of years ago. It has been various numbers, down as low as 4.something at one time, but was recently back up over 5. I told him I'm still feeling choked and having trouble swallowing sometimes,and have had a couple of fluttery heart instances since he upped my medicine by one half a pill once a week.(My cardiologist's assistant seemed to think that was hardly worth the trouble.) I insisted that something is definitely going on in my neck. He said my thyroid couldn't be enlarged or he'd see a goiter.I'm not sure that's strictly true. When I insisted again that something is going on in there, and that it was suggested at the cardiologists that I have my thyroid ultrasounded,he finally relented and agreed to send me. He also had to be pressed to do something about my medication, since he only raised it half a pill one day a week and I'm still having trouble. As it is he only raised it another half a pill one day a week. I also had to remind him after he logged in the new prescription, that if he was raising my dosage I would need more pills a month! He had to go back and correct it! Why don't I just take care of myself at this rate!
  He also made another fat crack this time too:"Are you trying to lose weight?" "Yes..." "What are you doing to try to lose weight--eating more?! Ha!"

I am so sick of that guy.


  1. Urk. Some people shouldn't be allowed to be doctors . . . or have contact with himan beings. I know you said once before you were worried it'd complicate things, or start everything over if you got a new doctor now but it sounds like in the long run it'd probably be worth it.

    1. I plan to change doctors. I wanted to at least have things to the point where I wasn't immediately afraid of having a heart attack. I think I am about to the point where I can change,thank goodness.

  2. You really have to get a new doctor! Preferably, you should also be seeing an endocrinologist. If I think of it, I'll ask Mr. BTEG about the enlarged goiter thing.

    1. I had forgotten you said he went to an endocrinologist. The nurse at the cardiologists today said she didn't think you would necessarily see a goiter if your thyroid is enlarged,which is what I've read.

  3. My goodness, the sooner you get a different doctor the better. I'm sure I'd have given him a couple of black eyes by now. What a horrible bedside manner he appears to have. I hope you get sorted out soon.
    The little Fuzzy doll is cute! And so is the little girl, I think she'll be great when you've finished her. The tree looks good, I agree it'd look perfect next to a haunted house with the shadow of it against the wall of the house....and the creaking.....

    1. Don't think I wasn't tempted on the black eyes! I'm changing soon, when I get some of these problems straightened out a bit.


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