Friday, February 2, 2018

Emma Goes To San Fransisco and Brings Me Goodies, But Maybe She Should Have Left My Heart There...

  Well, I had my cardiologist appointment yesterday. He still doesn't know what's wrong with me. (My EKG last week at the other doctor's was normal.) My blood pressure was my usual low normal. I had had a really bad night the night before. My heart pounded harder than ever and actually hurt this time. I'm not sure it wasn't a small heart attack. I had some trouble breathing, but kept waiting for other symptoms or intense pain before heading off to the emergency room. But apart from a split second twinge here and there nothing else happened. It lasted about half and hour I'm guessing. I have to go back to the cardiologist on the 6th to be set up with an overnight monitor,since they only have two and they were both in use. Then I have an appointment for a stress test on the 16th. I had to wait three weeks for the cardiologist appointment. A person could die before getting sorted out these days. In the meantime,I have been prescribed some medicine to keep my heart from pounding so hard. It's actually for high blood pressure. I asked the doctor what it might do to me since my blood pressure runs low normal anyway. He said it might make me tired and occasionally dizzy,but he thought I should take it anyway. I've had three doses so far, and although I feel really awful still,and I had a couple of spells of breathing difficulty,no pounding! That has to be an improvement.
  But,back to my Happy Place again.Emma took a trip to San Fransisco last week,and she brought me some goodies from her trip. She actually went specifically to go to a concert. It may seem a long way to go just to go to a concert, but this was something special,and,as I told Emma,she's young, has only herself and her cat Cowboy to be responsible for. What is she working so hard for, if she can't enjoy something once on a while? She can afford to, so why not? Emma is very into music. She works at a radio station and has her own radio show too. She has a gigantic record collection,and her CD collection isn't shabby either. Her two favourite bands are The Monkees and Death Cab For Cutie. Her trip to San Fransisco was to see a concert by Mike Nesimth of The Monkees and his First National Band,with special guest Ben Gibbard of Death Cab,who sang three songs with them.  I think it was completely worth it because she enjoyed it so much and made a memory of a lifetime. Emma was right against the stage and too close to film anything properly,so she was very excited to find that someone had posted videos online. Emma can clearly be seen enjoying the show,on the left, right in front of the stage at Ben Gibbard's feet.(She's the one with the ponytail and glasses.) She'll kill me, but if you'd like to hear Mike and Ben sing Mike's classic "Joanne",you can see the video (The first few seconds are blurry but it clears up.), HERE.
  Emma went to film school in San Fransisco for two years, so she had some favourite places she wanted to go,including some record stores of course! (And she made a pretty good haul.) She also went to Japantown and Chinatown,and did a lot of walking.In Japantown she went to the Dasio store,where she bought me this:

It's perfect for 1/6 scale,or even slightly smaller.Eight inch When I Read I Dream Fern,otherwise known as Tammy World,who has the old Barbie sister Stacie body,tried it out for size.

Emma also bought me this outfit at Daiso.

It's made for Daiso's own brand of doll,which is similar to Licca Chan in look and size. Emma was thinking about it for my Cosima. (you can see Cosima HERE.) I thought it would be too big for Cosima,so Tammy tried it on.

She posed under duress, because she thinks it's way too short. (She is me as a kid, after all. My mom and sister always called me 'an old grama',because I refused to wear short shorts or dresses.) I would say the dress would perfectly fit Licca Chan .I would have tried it on my Licca Chan, but these pictures were all I was up to at the time. I had one of my J-Dolls handy, so I'm showing you how incredibly too short for her it is.   

The shoes are way too small for Tammy though.They fit the J-Doll,and may fit Cosima.

The socks wouldn't even go on Tammy's feet,and will be way too big for Cosima,but fit the J-Doll perfectly.

I'm guessing they'll be thigh highs on the Licca Chan.

  I think this cute change purse and pad of note paper came from Daiso too.

You may have gathered that I like pigs.
As I said, Emma did a lot of walking too,and happened to see a sign for a yard sale. She went and picked up this bunch of goodies for me.

The slip is a vintage Barbie one, and the pillow and apron are from Barbie Babysits. (See my post on that HERE.) And are those Tiny  Betsy McCall skates?!

I think they are! My Betsys can hardly wait to go skating! But who in the world wears those square socks?!
  I was really drooping the day we picked Emma up from the airport. That was a bad day. But I was doing pretty well the day I drove Emma to the airport,and stopped off at my favourite Goodwill on the way back. Soon we'll see some goodies I got that day.


  1. It's good to see a post from you! I've missed your daily posts.
    Not so good to hear you're still not well but hopefully the sort you out soon.
    And if you're still worried about the blood pressure medicine, when I was in high school, the doctor gave me blood pressure medicine for headaches which made my blood pressure too low. It didn't do anything really bad, but I kept fainting. So there's what to expect if it's too low.

    1. Thanks. I will hopefully get this straightened out, and then I'll be posting more. Not every day though. That was a lot of pressure!
      The doctor did say it might make me tired, but so far not even that.

  2. I really hope you can get some answers soon!

    We have a Chinatown area here in Cleveland. I keep wanting to go with Mr. BTEG some weekend. He says there aren't really any toys there, but it would still be fun to check out.

    1. We have some friends who live in Cleveland. I'll have to ask them what they know about it.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that you're unwell and hope that with your appointment tomorrow, you'll get some definite answers.
    In the meantime, what a lovely set of things from your daughter's trip to San Fransisco! And how lovely that she was able to go there for a concert. I agree with you, what's the point of working all the hours if you can't enjoy yourself sometimes! Good for her :)
    Hugs x

    1. Thanks. The pills have helped a lot: no pounding, but still fluttering and I feel awful a lot of the time. We'll see how it goes.


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