Sunday, November 2, 2014

Doll-A-Day 281: Pos'n Tammy

  Today's doll is Pos'n Tammy.

She was made by Ideal in 1965, as the latest version of the Tammy doll.
You may have seen her before, in a recent post I did about what I got at the flea market, which included her.

Here she is as I bought her. That dress is a little slinky for a Tammy doll.

She originally came in a red leotard with a big white organdy collar. Her box was made to look like a phone booth, because obviously if you were the new Pos'n doll the first thing you'd want to do is get on the phone and tell everybody about it.

"I can't believe this! I'm "Pos'n" now and nobody's home!"

She has a similar face to the other Tammy dolls that came before her, but her head is smaller, to match her smaller body.

She's slimmer than previous Tammy dolls.

The main difference though, is her bendy arms and legs.

 She's not called Posin' Tammy for nothin'!

 There was a previous Pos'n Tammy in 1964,who had the same old Tammy head as the earlier dolls,a braided bun, and only bendable legs.The bendable feature is sort of like Penny Brite's, with wires in thick, smooth plastic, and not rubber, like Tutti's. Fortunately, Tammy is way easier to bend than the hernia inducing Penny Brite.
Our girl today has the same arms as Ideal's Glamour Misty, The Miss Clairol Doll.

Her hands are very detailed for being so tiny.
We had Glamour Misty when we were kids. She was actually my sister's, but she eventually gave her to me.

My childhood Tressy, Glamour Misty, and 'Barbita', the former Swirl Barbie.
My favourite thing about her was her hands. They were so realistic and so graceful. But Tammy here goes her one better: when you pose her hands they can stay that way. 

 This Tammy, and the Pos'n Tammy that followed her have a page boy haircut none of the other dolls have.

There were several other Pos'n dolls in the line, including Pepper,Pepper's friend Salty, and brother Pete, and even a Pos'n Misty.

This Tammy is wearing a nice dress that is, as far as I know, just a generic dress from the 60's. Does anybody recognize it?
It's too bad the pockets are fake because she could actually get her hands in them!
It has one snap in the front. The black parts are a very thin vinyl.
  Tomorrow we'll see another doll.Two more months to go in this 'doll-a-day' thing. Can I do it?

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