Friday, June 22, 2018

Antique Store Haul: Great 1/6 Scale Stuff!

  While our girls were away on their trip to Canada and New York to see comedians Dylan Moran and Simon Amstell,we were looking in on Emma's cat, Cowboy. Emma's town is full of antique malls,so while we were up there I took the opportunity to stop in one that usually has a stall that sells a lot of miniatures. I'm doing a trade with a Flickr friend in Finland, and I was hoping to find something for her. She has everything a person could want for their 1/6 scale dollhouse,and it's all great,so I'm having a hard time figuring out what to send her. It all started because she wanted one of the barbecue grills like I got at Target recently,so I know I'm sending her that. It's the 'what else' that's causing me a problem.
  Anyway,I was hoping I'd find something for her, (And I might send her something out of it.),but I ended up finding things I loved myself! Here's most of it.

I just got the stuff on the rug, but I got the rug a few weeks ago at the same antique mall. It's not too thick,so it's nicely in scale.

Here are the goodies with Made To Move girl for size comparison.

 The vase is wooden,and has a three dimensional cabin on the front. The pitcher and the plates are Limoges.

It's hard to see how 3-D it is. 

It's made in Germany. I can't read the other stuff. Anybody?

There were two different blue plates and one green one. I only bought these two,because I was trying not to spent as much. Two blue plates would have looked nice on a mantel or something. I prefer the green plate though.

Ok. First of all, I didn't realize until I looked at these pictures when I was editing them that one of the tiles is sideways! I was in a hurry and not wearing my glasses.
My favourite is the top one. It says Limoges on the back,as does the bottom right one of the other four. It's slightly bigger than the other three,as is my favourite.

The other three only say 'France' on the back, except for the bog one that says 'France France'.(??)

My favourite.
The pitcher is really pretty, even though it's very simple.

There were also these little things.

They look like little tiny bowling trophies.

They could use recoating. The gold is very worn.
I'm not sure what they originally were, (Looks like there might be something missing from the one side?), but I think they would make great little bowling trophies, or a set of bookends. I'd need to add something to the side with the groove for the books to lean against. What do you think?

I am so senile. It took these pictures the very next night, and thought there was something missing...There was! My favourite thing!

I love this little pot! The lid really comes off.   

The leaf and grape detail is really pretty.

Ivy was offended that I bought something ceramic,since that's her love. She made me these:

I keep trying to talk her into making more miniature things,but she loves to make bowls and cup/mugs. She actually bought herself a potters wheel and a small kiln. I am going to have a go making something tiny myself soon, when we get the stuff set up to use.

I also saw another set like this one I got at a flea market a while back.

The lids really come off too. These have bottoms,so I got them. I turned down some other pieces that didn't have bottoms,like a coffee pot. That kind of made the people selling them laugh, but I do like realism!

 While I'm at it,I also got these that day.

The chair is a picture frame with storage under the seat.

 I also got this plant pot recently at Goodwill. It would make a good outdoor plant pot, because it's a bit big. It looks like stone though, so that will work well.

Lori and I haven't been to a flea market for a while. There was one a couple of weeks ago, and we were going to go. But Lori decided it was going to rain and be too hot anyway,so we stayed here in town and just had lunch and went to the movies,(and Dairy Queen!). Ivy and I are thinking of going to a flea market tomorrow. It's about an hour and 40 minutes away, which is putting us off a bit. It's a long drive. Worse than that, it would mean we'd have to leave the house about 7:30 to get there at a decent time when all the good stuff hasn't sold yet. Ivy's out of school until she starts college in August, so she wants to sleep in! I am always tired, so I always want to sleep in! But we'll see. Maybe we'll go and find something fun. She never wants to go do anything with me, so I hate to waste it!


  1. You got some great things! I think those little tiles are my favourites - and the plates. They look like a matching set. :)

  2. I hope to see pictures with these lovely things in the future. I love room boxes and room setup pictures.

    1. Me too. One of these days I mean to get my 1/6 scale dollhouse overhauled and also make a couple of shops. That's where all these things will get used.

  3. Mrs. World has to have that Georgian/Victorian stuff on display, though I do question your favorite. Looks a little rapey. I like the one with the lady in the purple skirt better.

    1. Well Mrs. World can take a trip to the antique store and buy some of it. I like the colours in that one. And I just saw it as him with his arms spread wide, getting all dramatic professing his love for her.

  4. What great finds! I really like those little tiles, they're beautiful. You do seem to be very successful at the antique places, I think you need to come shopping with me!!! I never find anything of much use :/

    1. Hey,If I'm ever in Spain, (It's Spain, right?),I would love to!


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