Thursday, June 7, 2018

Yard Sale Finds and Our Generation Life Science Set :A Mini Review

  You haven't heard from me for a while, but I have a couple of things I've been working on that you'll be seeing soon.
  I finally got around to going to a yard sale a coupe of weekends ago. I hadn't been to one yet this season. It was pretty tiny, but I got some stuff.

A vase,a tiny jug,a demitasse cup,a,table cloth,and a vintage scarf. I got all of it for $1!

The handle wasn't broken on the little jug until I got home. I forgot what I had wrapped in the table cloth and plopped it down on the cement!

  The other thing I have to show you is something I got on Mother's Day. I had seen it before,but didn't get it then. Then it sold out and the price went up on the secondary market. I gave up at that point. Well Target got it in again! I nabbed this one.

The set is sold for the 18" Our Generation dolls,but the scale is maybe 1/6,or even smaller.

The front of the box opens,but then I struggled for a bit to open the plastic,but then I'm kind of lame.

The contents include a biology book,a molecule model,an anatomy torso model,and a  poster.

The book is impressive looking until you open it and see that there's no print inside.

The molecule model is solid.

The poster is plastic.

It reminds me of an x-ray.

The torso has removable ribs so you can get to the removable organs: the lungs, and the liver.

The lungs pop out easily,but the liver wants to stay in there. I hadn't read the box,so I didn't even realize it came out at first.

The liver was easy to get back in,but the lungs required a bit of jiggling and rearranging.
  I really like this little set. It would be great in a 1/6 scale classroom  diorama.I suppose it works ok for the 18" dolls if you think of the body as being a hand held model. I have to say, The lungs don't want to go back and stay very well, and the ribs weren't that cooperative about snapping back in either. But still,it's a nice set. I like too, that Our Generation is selling something different from the same old ballet sets and food. I have to commend them for that. I think I would have loved this set when I was a kid.


  1. This is a great set, I wish we got this sort of stuff here, but alas no, it is only available with expensive postage from places like Ebay!

    1. My husband was going to be going to England in a couple of months,and I could have offered to get you one and have him ship it from there. (Or even have his niece ship it from within Spain, as sher's there all the time. Unfortunately,he's now not going until next year!


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