Monday, June 18, 2018

Titans Paul McCartney Beatles Figure and Happy Birthday Paul

  If you read the blog you'll know I'm a Beatles person. To celebrate Paul McCartney's 76th birthday today, we're going to look at a present I got for my birthday,back in March. My friend Lori got me this Paul McCartney figure.

He's the black and white version of one of the series of Yellow Submarine figures Titan has done. He's posing in front of a photo I took in 1986.
Titan has made several different series of Beatles Yellow Submarine figures,in various sizes and outfits.

He has the Titans mark and the yellow Sub on the bottoms of his feet. 
Titan makes these stumpy cartoonish figures that bear more of an actual resemblance to their subjects than similar figures by Pop Vinyl. You may have seen Emma's titans figures in my posts on her collection HERE and HERE.

His head can turn side to side. He's in front of another of my photos.

His arms can move too.

He measures about 3" tall. 


Lori assures me the matching John Lennon is on his way,but he has never shown up.

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  1. He's a cute little fellow...the black and white version I mean! Although Paul himself isn't so bad either ;)
    Did you see Paul McCartney appearing in Carpool Kareoke with James Cordon recently? Definitely worth a look if you can get your hands on it.

    1. I did see it. It was neat to see him going to his old home and everything. What do you want to bet somebody chipped off that piece of wall he signed?!


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