Saturday, June 16, 2018

Tammy Gets A Guitar Lesson,and Happy Father's Day

  Tammy wants to explore,but Wally goes to help her down from the rocks she's been climbing."Come on Tammy. It's time for your next guitar lesson." "Okay Dad."

"Are you ready?" Wally asks. Tammy hesitates. "I guess. I really want to play music, but I can't understand. It's just really confusing." "Don't worry." Wally assures her. "That's why I'm helping you."

Wally shows Tammy some chords. "You remember what we did last time,don't you?" "Yes. You know I've been practicing." "I heard you." Says Wally. He  plays her a simple tune.

Tammy concentrates and watches Wally closely.

"Do it again." Tammy says. Wally plays it again, as Tammy tries to take it in.

Tammy changes sides and watches Wally's chording hand closely.

"Do you think you're ready to try?" Wally asks. Tammy is hesitant. "Uh,I guess."

"It's awfully big." Tammy says. She perseveres though,trying to wrap her tiny hands around the neck of the guitar. In the end,with Wally's patient instruction, she manages to get a recognizable tune out of the instrument."Great!" says Wally, "You did it! That was really good!"

"I don't know." says Tammy. "That was pretty bad." "Don't worry," Wally tells her. "We'll keep working on it, and you'll be good in no time." "You think?!" Tammy asks happily. "I'm sure you will be." Wally tells her. "It just takes practice."

"Thanks for helping me Dad." "No problem." says Wally. "That's what I'm here for."
  Happy Father's Day!


  1. How cute! Hope Ken and your kids had a fun day.

    1. Thank you!Poor Ken had to work all day. As usual we didn't see Fuzzy,but Emma treated the rest of us to dinner out when ken got off work.

  2. Great story. Hope they had a great father's day.

    In Norway we celebrate father's day second sunday in November, and mother's day second sunday in February.

    1. Thanks! You're in Norway? I like hearing where everyone is from. Mother's Day is in May here.

  3. Seems like she's doing very well with her guitar lessons! Well done young lady! :)

    1. Definitely not my clone in that respect!


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