Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Flea Market VS Thrift Store Part 3: Tiffany Taylor

  Here we are, finally getting to the end of a day that happened weeks ago! It's taken a while. Apart from the fact that I have had other things I had to do, I have been dragging this summer. I am always really tired. At first I thought it was the heat, but I have been that way even when it's cooler. It's not quite as bad when it's cooler,but it's always like I haven't slept or sat down for about two days.
 To take up where we left off in the last post,we're going to look at the other doll  bought at the thrift store that day. She's this beautiful lady.

I think she needs her tooth space painted though.
She's Tiffany Taylor.

She was made by Ideal in 1974 and 1975.

She came in both Caucasian and African American versions,although both had the same head sculpt.

Tiffany is 19" tall. Like the smaller Tuesday Taylor,(which you can see HERE.),Tiffany Taylor had a hair gimmick: her hair colour could be changed by rotating her scalp. The Caucasian Tiffany had hair that changed from brunette to platinum blonde.The African American version has brunette and auburn hair.

Tiffany has rooted eyelashes.

She originally came in a sparkly gold bathing suit with a long chartreuse skirt cover up,and chartreuse mules.


This doll is wearing the right shoes, but she's wearing the dress that originally came on Country Fashion Crissy in 1981.

The other weird thing is her hair. It's in curlers!

I wouldn't think so much about that except she's not the first I've seen in the curlers and plastic.In fact, it's not even the only one I've seen with the hair curlers and the Country Fashions Crissy dress! After I got her I looked her up to see how rare she might be. One of the first things I found was one on Ebay who was nude, but wearing the curlers and plastic. After that I found one in the curlers and plastic, wearing her own shoes and the outfit from the Electraman doll. It was on this very informative site about Crissy dolls,which also has a lot of information about Tuesday and Tiffany Taylor: Crissy and Beth,The Ultimate Guide on Crisy Family Dolls  According to that site,the doll was sold at an Ideal employees store to liquidate the last of the Tiffany Taylor stock.You can see the Tiffany dressed as Electraman HERE.
  During further research I found another in curlers and plastic. She was wearing the wrong shoes, but she was also wearing the Country Fashions Crissy dress! This is a sale listing from 2011,so I don't feel bad about showing you the actual photo here. The blog it's from is no longer active and I'm sure you can't still buy the doll.

So it seems that the dolls sold in the employee stores were also dressed in the Country Fashions Crissy dress. The weird thing is,Country Fashions Crissy was sold in 1981 and 1982. As far as I can see, Tiffany was long finished by then.
  Whatever the case, this doll is absolutely beautiful,isn't she?

She's so original that it seems a shame to take her curlers out. But wouldn't she be gorgeous with her hair down,and a nice outfit on?

  Next time we'll see what I got in my trade with my Flickr friend.


  1. To quote REO Speedwagon, ooooo, she's such a good find!

    1. Ha! That's the only Reo Speedwagon song I like, and I think it was mostly because of the video.

  2. She is a very pretty doll. I remember using soup cans "back in the day" to try to get a little curl in my hair. It didn't work (smile).

    1. I can remember women with pop cans in their hair when I was a kid. My mom used to curl my hair in those 'bottle brush in a wire cage' curlers for school picture day,and I had to sleep in them. In the morning she would take them out and spray me with hair spray. By picture time I had a head of limp stringy dead curls.

    2. I remember those curlers. They were held in place with a pink plastic pick. And Dorothy, I also remember girls using frozen orange juice cans to curl hair but eventually very large, pink, supposedly "magnetic" curlers were commercially available. Still had to use giant hairpins to keep your hair in those large plastic ones, though.

      Teresa F.

      My internet was out for almost 2 weeks so I am still catching up on blogs.

    3. Our internet goes out all the time. Honestly,you don't realize how much you depend on it until you don't have it. We were constantly going,"If I had internet I could look that up."

  3. Yet another one of those interesting doll histories that most people don't know about! You know, I never knew that Odd Mod was female, mostly because her icon on Flickr is the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. XD

    1. If you look through her Flickr,she has posted a few pictures of herself.I think her doll alter ego is the scarecrow because she used to be a clown and he has that painted nose.

  4. She's really beautiful and I agree, it would be lovely to see her with her hair down and a nice outfit.....I'll keep watching here, just in case ;)


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