Sunday, July 29, 2018

The Other End of My Flickr Trade; "Wonderful things."

  A few posts back you might remember I talked about a trade I was doing with a friend from Flickr. (For those of you who haven't heard of Flickr,it's a photo sharing site.) I showed you what I was sending her HERE. Well, I received the box from my friend,who we will refer to by her Flickr name,Odd Mod,last week. In this post we're going to look at what she sent me.
  First of all, if you want to see Odd Mod's great pictures of her amazing 1/6 scale dollhouse,you can check out her Flickr account HERE.
  Now,to get to my package. I was so afraid that nothing I was going to send was going to be good enough for Odd Mod. She has the coolest,most realistic looking dollhouse,and she has great versions of everything you could want for a dollhouse. Well when my package arrived I felt really awful. The box was HUGE,and filled with,as Howard Carter said the first time he looked into King Tut's tomb and was asked what he saw, "Wonderful things.". Not only were the things wonderful,but so many of them were handmade,some by her,some by her and her husband, and some by artisans she bought from at her local 'miniature fair'. (I think what she refers to as a miniature fair would be a doll show over here,as they have things in 1/12 dollhouse scale, and 1/6 Barbie sized scale.) Tammy World was so excited she unpacked everything right there on her front porch and dove in.

 All of the smaller items arrived in these pretty little bags.

There were stacks of books,made by Odd Mod herself.

Tammy was so thrilled to receive her own copy of the book Odd Mod made from her Flickr photo story starring the residents of her dollhouse,'The Retirees'.

She was even more thrilled to find that it had been signed to her personally by The Retirees.

Odd Mod must be psychic. I really wanted one of these books!

Tammy and I were also really excited to receive pastries from Ullanpulla,the bakery Odd Mod made that features in some of her Flickr photos. (You can see it HERE.)


"Yeah! Two bags full!" Uh,Tammy, you will remember to share those,won't you?

The white cupboard was handmade by a man who makes 1/12 scale miniatures.The cupboard is actually 1/12,but looks really nice in a 1/6 setting too.

The little shoe boxes are by another miniature artist.

This glass bowl,filled with pears,was handmade and purchased at the miniature fair. The framed saying and the 'Be My Friend' nautical decorations were handmade by Odd Mod.

 The rocking chair was also hand made.

Odd Mod made the mini doll boxes.

She and her husband made this ladder shelf just for me.

The rugs were handmade and purchased at the miniature fair,as was this beautiful little sweater. 

 It has embroidered flowers and real little buttons.

The little straw goat is called a Gavle goat,and is a traditional Scandinavian Christmas decoration.

It's all so nice! I love tiny books,and I am obsessed with furniture. All these beautiful handmade things have inspired me to get busy making things. I have all kinds of ideas. I should be making things anyway.For one thing, I think I owe Odd Mod a lot more to make us even. I didn't realize she'd send so much. It was so nice of her, but I feel I short changed her. I had a few other things I was going to send, but they wouldn't fit in the box,and I am collecting other things to add to them. Ken and Emma are going to England next summer. (It was supposed to be this summer, while Ken's place of work got remodeled,but the remodel got moved to next summer.) I'm going to pack a bigger box for Odd Mod and send it along to England with them to be mailed. It will be cheaper to mail from there, so I can send more.

Maybe Tammy will have read all these books by then.


  1. So many gorgeous things!
    Anna in Olafs Frozen Adventure has those straw goats on her Christmas dress as a pattern, too. They are so beautiful!

  2. You are really lucky. So many pretty things. In Norway we call the goats "julebukker" ("Christmas bucks").

  3. Oh WOW what a fantastic box to receive, so many gorgeous things. Tammy looks really excited by it all ;)
    I think getting your husband to take the box to the UK is a great idea, because hopefully, although the awful brexit will have happened by then, hopefully your friend won't get caught by customs as she would if it were coming directly from the US :) She'll be doubly happy I suspect!!!

    1. The main thing is the shorter distance will mean less postage. The price to mail even a tiny box from here is ridiculous. I did the same thing when we went over 3 years ago,and mailed a box to a friend in Germany. What would have cost me about $45 to mail from here was about 13 pounds, or less than $20.

  4. Your little diorama with Tammy World is very cute! She could probably be kept busy reading for quite a while! I forgot to see in my previous comment that I'm glad that you seem to have found answers for your health issues.

    1. Thanks. It's been miserable:no spicy food, no tomatoes, no onions,NO CHOCOLATE!Hopefully I can lose weight and start eating normally again some day.

  5. What wonderful gifts! I love swaps. We did one for the holidays last year in my Little Darling group and people sent and received such lovely presents. Tammy is very fortunate to have good books and a comfortable chair. Imagine the journeys she can take.

    1. The great thing about trades is the surprises! Tammy was indeed lucky in this trade.


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