Saturday, July 7, 2018

Mystery Barbie Shirt: Help!

  A while back I did a post on Tammy World's mom,who is a Kaybee Special Edition Fashion Avenue Barbie from 1998.

You can see that post  HERE.

  A reader contacted me to say she has a mystery shirt that is made of the same fabric as Mrs. World's original dress,which looks like this:

And here is the mystery shirt:

It was being sold described this way,"Fits 90s-and-older "TNT" body; too large for smaller-chested bodies like Teen Skipper, etc. Cerulean blue satin fabric with Asian flower pattern, lined in bright green."
She said it was being sold with a pair of jeans that might have originally have gone with it. They look like this:

Their description said,"Denim Barbie jeans - fits 90s-and-older "TNT" body, but only barely (bit of a struggle to get it over the hips); fits Teen Skipper body best. Black silk belt with metal buckle; green stitching on dark denim."
  If anybody knows what line these came from or knows anything about these pieces of doll clothing,please leave a comment. Our reader is going out of her mind trying to figure them out!


  1. Thank you so much for the help! One slight correction: the descriptions were my own; my mom bought them new back in 2000-ish time period, likely at either Toys R Us or Kaybee, as those were the two places we bought all our Barbie stuff.

    1. One reader has an answer for you, but the answer doesn't line up with your new information. They were apparently part of the Design Your Own Barbie line. Are you sure where your mom got them? I'm thinking the leftover outfits may have been cleared out through the store where your mom got them. Anyway, they have sent a link to a Flickr photo. Have a look.

  2. They're from the My Design line from 1998--people were able to design their own dolls online, choosing sculpt, skin tone, eye color, hair color, and maybe make up colors, then order the result in an outfit of their choice. This outfit also had a sheer green long sleeve undershirt and black shoes

    1. Thanks so much! But our reader now tells me her mother bought them new in a store. I'm confused. Were the fashions sold in stores to? Maybe Mattel sold off the leftovers? Anybody?

    2. OMG. I was just assuming we got them in the store because that's usually where we got Barbie stuff... I had totally forgotten about the My Design Barbie!

      I have a My Design, but she's got the purple dress/outfit. But I would be super unsurprised if these clothes belonged to my sister's My Design Barbie, 'cause I don't remember at all what she chose for hers (I also don't remember my Mom's, so it could've been hers).

      Thank you SO SO much!!! Thank you, Andrea, for the ID, and thank you, Tam, for posting this for me!!!


Thanks in advance for your comments.