Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Trade With a Flickr Buddy

  I am still going to post part two of my flea market trip. First though,I am about to mail a package I put together for a trade with a Flickr friend in Finland. I thought I'd show you what I put together for her. (So if you're reading this Odd Mod,stop now! Spoilers ahead!)
  I love doing trades. You never know what you're going to get,especially with traders from far away. Odd Mod is one of my favourite Flickr people. (You can check her out on Flickr HERE.) She has the most AMAZING 1/6 scale doll house EVER. Her doll house looks like a real house in her photos,and she has regular characters that live there that she manages to pose very realistically. She saw the barbecue grill I got at Target,and asked me if I could send her one. So we decided to do a trade. My problem was, she has such a great doll house,with the greatest miniatures of EVERYTHING anybody could want. I was having trouble finding anything I thought was good enough for her! The other problem was finding something she didn't already have! That fridge magnet dust buster is great,and I have two of them,but I looked through her photos again and there was hers on the wall of the doll house kitchen!
  So here's what I managed to round up for her. Keep in mind all this stuff is 1/6 scale. First,of course, is her barbecue grill.

I added one of  the Mexican rugs I got in Texas back in April.

The orange one.
And the little set of maracas I bought there too.

I have several of this particular mini basket. The weave is really tiny and the lid really comes off.

I also had to think of things that would fit in her house stylistically too. This Native America 'blanket' may not be her style,so she doesn't have to use it if she doesn't like it. It makes nice packing though.

This tiny cameo would make a nice necklace or decoration for the house.

I included a sweater ornament that has had the hanger removed for wearing.

This fan is a pencil sharpener.

You've seen these tiny real working desk lamps on the blog before. I thought this red one would look great in her doll 'Manna's room.

This little Merry Christmas sign looks like the ones I remember  from when I was a kid.

This little ring toss set came from somebody's Christmas cracker one year. There are a few of them around the house because we have a lot of the same crackers.

Speaking of Christmas,there's this eensy soldier.

These little dinosaurs were sold in plastic eggs at the grocery store a few years ago.

 This picture frame is for a necklace or charm bracelet.

I guess she can use this little wooden gavel if her characters go to court or an auction! That's not so far fetched.They held their own auction once. (You can see that on her Flickr  HERE.)

I wanted to send something that was really 'Ohio', so  made this Ohio State pillow. It may not fit her decor,but hopefully she'll find a spot for it.

Looking at this stuff,I'm not very impressed. In fact, her house, and everything in it, is so cool,I feel like I can't find anything good enough. She has a lot of great things in her house that she made, or her mom or husband made. She mentioned the possibility of her husband making something for me. I had been thinking about making something for her, but that decided it. She recently got a one of a kind Pippi Longstocking doll, made from a Midi Blythe head and an 8" articulated body. So I made her this Pippi doll,dressed like hers.

 I'm disappointed in Pippi too,as I usually am when I make something.

 I feel like I learned from my mistakes making her and if I had time I should make a better one for Odd Mod.

But she already mailed my package,and we agreed to send them around the end of July. The other thing preventing me from making another Pippi right now is,the weather is getting hot again. You might be thinking,"Huh? What does the weather have to do with anything?" Well, a lot. I don't have air conditioning,and Pippi is made of polymer clay. When the weather is really hot the clay just practically melts in my hands,and it's been nearly 100 degrees here lately. Luckily we had a cool spell this past week and I was able to get her made one nice,cool day. I finished her yesterday.
  There's something you might not realize from these pictures. Pippi is only 1 & 1/4 inches tall.

I have to hope that maybe she only looks questionable to me because she's so magnified.

 Every little flaw shows up way worse than it is...maybe?
 She has a wire armature, so she's poseable.
She even has one rumpled stocking.


She's the miniature version of Odd Mod's Pippi.

One of the dolls in her doll house also has a doll collection. I thought mini Pippi could be part of that collection.

You can see the real thing on Odd Mod's Flickr HERE.

My leeks are seeding. As usual, they are seeding without getting big enough to eat first.

  So that's my trade. I'll show you what I got in return when it arrives.


  1. I bet she'll love that little doll!

    1. I really hope so! She's on her way, so we'll see.

  2. I think you've put together a great package for your friend and I'm sure she is going to love that little Pippi! You've done a fabulous job of her and I think you're being over critical of your work....though don't we all do that with our own creations? I know I do too. :(
    I also love trades and have recently done two with ladies in the US. I will take some photos of the items I received soon :)

    1. I know that's certainly true for me! Nothing is ever good enough. And even when I make something so tiny you can hardly make it,I still expect all the details to be there! I'm too picky. I hope you post your trade. I'm nosy!

  3. Love it all. Especially little Pippi.

  4. You are so creative! I think Pippi is cute.
    I love the idea of swaps (or trades). We did one for the holidays in my Little Darling group. I had so much fun selecting gifts for my Secret Santa. I am not crafty at all so I used ebay and etsy as my shopping mall. My Secret Santa made a beautiful outfit for my Little Darling. I can't wait until the next swap!

    1. Thank you. You sway sounds like fun. I love shopping for gifts too,so as well as the surprise, that's a fun part for me.


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