Sunday, November 4, 2018

Flea Market Haul: Lots of Good Stuff of All Sizes!

  I still plan to show you my anniversary present, but in the meantime I wanted to show you the goodies I got a the flea market several weeks ago. Lori didn't want to go to our usual flea market because it was so far away and she didn't want to leave her dad that long. (If you read the blog you'll know he passed away recently.He was 93.) We went instead to a closer flea market and got home early. Some of the things we'll see in more detail in upcoming posts,but here's what I got that day.

Keep in mind that High School Musical school and the Monster High School (If you can see it) were already here. I still need to get rid of them.)

That's the Barbie Country Living House. The doll on the top isn't Pippi Longstocking. She's Minna from the book "The Rag Coat",by Lauren Mills,and she's made by Merrymakers. (I love their dolls. You may have seen my post about some Merrymakers doll HERE.)She's with the mini Chinese lantern,which I accidentally set up upside down. There's also a really nice pose doll,(wearing the red hat).

It has the couch,table,and chair,plus a homemade pillow and a clear plexiglass coffee table which I didn't photograph because I forgot all about it.It was invisible in the corner of the kitchen!

She came from the same dealer as the boxed Dr. Littlechap.

Doctor John Littlechap was in his box,(and in his underwear.),and came with some homemade clothes. The pink flip couch/bed is American Girl. The sheet music, from one of our favourite movies, is for Ivy.

The horse statue is a pencil sharpener. The hole punch makes flower shapes.

Recognize this girl?

She's Laurie Partridge (Susan Dey), from The Partridge Family. She was made by Remco and is pretty hard to find. These aren't her original clothes though. She's also from the Dr. Littlechap dealer.
 That dealer had loads of dolls. (I got Laurie Partridge,Dr. Littlechap,4 other dolls, and the flip chair from her.) She was desperate to get rid of them too because she was moving south and didn't want to take it with her. She really wanted me to take that Country Living house! It started out at $20. Then she said I could have it for $15. Then it became $12. She finally got it down to $10. I still didn't really want it because it had a broken spot and was so big it wouldn't fit in my cart,which was already full. She originally wasn't going to sell Dr.Littlechap or the Vogue Jeff doll,(We'll talk about him in a minute.),because she hadn't priced them yet or even taken them out of the tub. I asked her about them though, and she gave me a price finally. Then it started coming down. Then it came down more, and she knocked some off the Country Living house. Then she marked them down again,and offered to throw in the Country Living house for free. She gave me such a deal I took it. I asked her about the pose doll and she gave me the Bradley doll for nothing with it!
   There were lots of miniatures at that flea market.

I love the tiny Holly Hobbie doll. I bought a box of miniatures for $10,and it was full of stuff. From what you see here, the mini veg,the grandfather clock,the metal stuff, and the mini books all came from that box. The blue bowl with flowers inside was made in Germany. That bowl, and the fountain, (on the right), came from another dealer.

There's that fountain. Isn't it great?!The yellow thing is a tiny doll sized pocket knife type fork and spoon.That came in the box too, along with the porcelain head,and the tiny metal statues,(in front of Santa Claus.). Look at those! The doll top middle is Dolly Darlings John.He's wearing his original clothes except his shirt. I got him from the same dealer,but not in the box. The little porcelain figures top right came from a different dealer, along with the little plastic Cracker Jack girl,(middle right,to the right of the tiles.). I have a couple of those that I had as a kid.I always loved them for some reason,and when I was little I lost one. The tiles are real Delft. I got them from the dealer who sold me the fountain. She also sold me the tiny red candy dish, (next to the pocket knife),and the horse pencil sharpener.
    The box was worth the $10 for the little metal statues alone. Most of them were Tinkerbell! (You can see all the Tinkerbells in the plastic box bottom right.) The others were really realistic figures though.(They're by the porcelain figures.)

There's the Bradley doll that came from the same seller as Dr. Littlechap and Laurie Partridge,and the Vogue Jeff doll on the left. Jeff was Jill's boyfriend.
You can see the box of miniature books (on the bottom left.),and the porcelain Blue Boy and friend here,bottom right.

He's in really nice shape and has his clothes. There's also a Christmas ornament and a Happy Family Ryan doll dressed in the Tommy prince outfit. The cool little shelf full of minis was only $3 from the dealer I bought the box of minis from!

Look at all that great stuff. It's removable too.

  This flea market wasn't like the farmery flea markets we usually go to,so not only did I find alot more stuff, some of the prices were not as good,since these people often knew the value of the stuff I'm looking for better than the dealers at the farmery flea markets. I still got some really good deals though. When I bought several things from one dealer they usually discounted it for me. I'm not sure Lori will want to go to that flea market again,since the farmery ones are more her thing.It's closer though, so maybe I can get Emma or Ken to go with me sometime. Next time we'll see what Ken got me for our anniversary.


  1. Replies
    1. So many tiny goodies,and they are only stuck with wax. I like to be able to move things around.

  2. As a miniature collector, I really love all your miniatures. We had some tiny metal figures when I was a child. I have both the Ryan and the Tommy prince (he was my very first Shelly/Tommy doll, and princess Shelly with the painted hat was my second.

    1. Not "painted." I wrote "pointed" and autocorrect changed it.

    2. Do you do dollhouses? I recognized the Prince outfit right away because when he was little my son got all the Tommy's that came out. I think I know the Kelly/Shelly you mean. Pink dress? Ivy was obsessed with Kelly dolls and has tons of them she got when she was little.

  3. WOW you really did get a lot of great stuff. I love the miniatures in particular, there is something really appealing about miniature items of every day items, and the little ornaments are great too.
    I look forward to seeing your present next time!

    1. Even as a kid I loved miniature versions of real things,and I still do. I used to beg my mom for one of her sewing bobbins because i thought they looked like miniature film reels!

  4. Tam, you always find such great things! You have the "flea market find juju!" (laugh) You have a great eye.
    I didn't know about the Susan Dey doll. She's a little after my first doll childhood (as opposed to my grown up doll childhood).
    I would love to find a Ricky Jr. doll. I had one but he rotted away in the attic. Maybe some day I will find one.
    I am looking forward to seeing your anniversary gift.

    1. I had never heard of the Susan Dey doll as a kid, even though I was still young enough for dolls then. I only found out about her in recent years, but this is the first one I've seen in person. Poor Ricky Jr.! Hopefully you'll find one. They can be expensive, can't they?


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