Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #4 Colonial Williamsburg Betsey Doll,Plus Sarah, Junie B., and a Pottery Barn Princess

  It seems that I have accidentally done a Soft Dolls Week. We're on Day #4 and they have all been soft dolls so far. I guess I'll finish the week with soft dolls and get down to some serious fashion dolls next week.
   First of all I talked yesterday about the tiny Pottery Barn dolls, so I thought I would show you this one.

She's only 5" tall from the soles of her shoes to the tip of her crown. She doesn't have  a tag, but she's obviously made by the same company, as she has virtually the same face as the, much larger, Caroline  we saw yesterday.

I suspect this girl may also be, but, like the princess, she has no tag.
She comes in at just a bit over 5", but she seems much bigger.

 The princess is such a sweet little thing. I have something of a small collection of tiny cloth dolls, and she's one of them. Another is this girl,today's doll,Betsey.

She's 6" tall, and tagged 'Betsey 1997 Colonial Williamsburg Foundation',so obviously she's one of those historic dolls sold at Colonial Williamsburg, in Virginia. I got this one at a yard sale or thrift store,so who knows. I've tried to research it online, and they do sell dolls like this in stores at Colonial Williamsburg,(As well as 12" ones.),but as for them being sold other places, I couldn't say.

She's designed and manufactured by a company called Merrymakers Inc.,who also made these personality filled pigs...

They are finger puppets and are apparently the 'this little' piggies from the book "Piggies" by Audrey and Don Wood.There are supposed to be 5 in all, and the sunglasses guy on the right should also be wearing a straw hat and have a book in his hand.
...and this cute and tiny 5" Junie B. Jones doll from several years ago.(As well as the bigger ones.)Yes, I have one of these too.

Both our girls loved the Junie B. Jones books when they were small,so she reminds me of those times. (This one is missing her purple skirt.)
...but not these very similar looking 6" Linnea dolls, who are made by Determined Products.

Sorry about the nudity, but she loaned her green and white striped bibbed overalls to a Tutti body with a Peter Paniddle Kiddle head on it, and they fit PERECTLY!
  Betsey has a slip, dress, and 'built in' shoes/boots/stockings.(I'm not quite sure what they are! They look like shoes and socks, but the sock part is painted and feels sort of leathery. Is it meant to be socks, or boot tops?Or maybe really tall spats...)

She has thread hair, and a sweetly drawn face.

Her dress won't stay velcroed though.

Her head and body are cotton, but her ears are felt!

 I love the faces on these dolls.They are so small, and yet so delicate. I like them so much, that when I found this girl... a thrift store, I had to buy her, even though she's wearing only her slip.(Which is just like Betsey's.)

Maybe someday I'll find some clothes for her, or even make her some.
 She has the same painted...socks? and built in shoes as Betsey.

She's tagged Sarah Doll,Colonial Williamsburg Foundation,1996,MerryMakers Inc.,

 ...and she's the same size as Betsey. I think now I need a boy from Colonial Williamsburg...
   Tomorrow we'll look at another soft doll. See you then!


  1. My oldest daughter loved the Junie B. Jones books too, and now my seven-year-old niece is reading them. I really like the painted faces on Betsey and her friend.

  2. Oh, and I found two clearance EAH dolls that I want at Target online, but Target is not doing shipping for them, and they are not available in any stores within 100 miles from me! But thanks for the info anyway.

    1. I'm going to Target tomorrow.Is there anything I can pick up for you? We'll get together at some point and I'll deliver them by hand. Going to the doll show this year?(Is there even going to be one?!)


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