Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Doll-A-Day 106: Moxie Girlz Magic Snow Meet Kellan

  Today got quite warm again and most of the snow is gone. I was able to go out without a coat and only be a little chilly when the wind blew. Good grief!
  Today's doll is Moxie Girlz Kellan, from the Magic Snow series.
I took these pictures yesterday, and I thought she was dressed very appropriately for our weather!(Except maybe for her thin leggings. Brrr!!)

I found her at Goodwill just this way. She has her whole complete original outfit except for her hat and her bag that matches her scarf.The package pictures her with fingerless gloves, but I've seen her in the box, and I don't think she came with them.

I like the Moxie Girlz. They have big heads and big lips, but manage to look more innocent than Bratz, which are made by the same company.

Like Bratz they also have the feet/shoes that snap on and off. Because of this design both series of dolls are most often found with no feet.It's a very unpractical design, since you just know most kids are going to lose the feet/shoes. Also, what if you want the doll to be barefoot, and don't happen to have any of the bare feet? (And they only made a very few dolls with bare feet. I don't think you could buy the bare feet in  a 'shoe' pack either.It's also a bit ridiculous that they didn't make the feet interchangeable between the two series. Bratz feet don't fit Moxie Girlz, and vice versa.

I had been wanting a red haired Moxie Girl, so I was pretty excited when I found this one for a dollar.

See you again tomorrow for another doll.

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