Friday, February 7, 2014

Doll-A-Day 38: More Susie Slickers, Maudlynne Macabre, and J Doll Diamante La Calle

  We're wrapping up Big Eye week, or Sad Eyes week, whatever you want to call it, today. Tomorrow is another Skipper Saturday, so please come back for that.
  Today I we're going to look at more Susie Sad Eyes/Slicker dolls, and then at a couple of the modern versions of 'Big Eye' type dolls.
  I got these Susie dolls in a box lot at an auction recently.

I felt pretty lucky to get them as cheaply as I did, considering how expensive they can be these days. The pink raincoat is the thicker, stiffer kind like my childhood Susie came in.

Unfortunately this girl is missing her hat, but she does have her tights and boots.(They came with no clothes under the raincoat,which is unfortunate if you want to take her coat off.)I have an extra pink raincoat I put on the black haired doll. It's so stiff she can hardly be made to put her arms down. She's like Randy from "A Christmas Story"!

Raincoat Girl also has the reddish complexion my purple coated Susie has. (Replacement Susie #2.)She and the pale black haired girl have the dreaded green ring thing under their eyes.It seems to be actually painted that way. Thank goodness all Susie's weren't!

Black Haired Girl is more like I remember my original Susie. She's a better quality vinyl, with softish arms and a pale complexion.Her head is a softer vinyl than pink raincoat girl, and they have different manufacturer markings, even though they are obviously made from the same mold.Both of them are a better molding job than my Sad Eyes doll, with her untrimmed fingers.

  It seems like on the tail end of Susie's production, some of the left over heads were used on cheap 'dress me ' type doll bodies like you used to be able to buy in the craft aisle.Like this one I got from yard sale lady Donna this past summer,
The kind with the solid bodies and moveable arms only.

I know they came that way, because I got one in the package that way from Salvation Army a few years ago. (I probably shouldn't have, but I opened her and removed her head for rebodying.)

I've also seen them online on the Dress Me bodies in plastic packages. Somebody was tying to sell one for $200!(Although I kind of doubt they got $200.)
The third girl is on the 'Dress Me' type body. Her head is just about the most unattractive I have ever seen on a Sad Eyes doll like these.She was obviously made VERY cheaply, with crappy vinyl.But still, same head mold.
She looks way better in this close up than in real life!

There is an orange haired Susie Slicker I don't have that I'd love to.Maybe someday I'll be lucky enough to come across one, because I'm definately not paying the prices they are getting online.

Moving on to the modern "Big Eye' types,here is Maudlynne Macabre.

Maudlynne is made by the Tonner company. She shares the same body as Little Mismatched,so she can wear LMM's clothes.But her head is all Big Eye.

She's a bit Goth, but not overly so. She still has a pink complexion and a little girl look. No drastic make-up.

You may remember seeing Maudlynne in my after Christmas post. Ken got her for me for Christmas, after I left the Tonner page up on the computer and kept reminding him that the sale was about to end...

Maudlynne is poseable, as you can see.It would be great if she had jointed ankles and wrists. She could be put in so many more cute poses. Also, her legs could do with being more poseable from the hips.That first picture, the standing pose with the crossed feet, requires her to have something to lean against so she doesn't fall over. If her ankles were jointed and her legs moved out from the hips that wouldn't be necessary.

I also recently bought a Diamante La Calle J Doll by Jun Planning. I haven't opened her because I'm still hoping to get to exchange her for a less depressing looking J Doll, preferably with red hair.
Diamante is a little too dead looking, even for me.

 I also would have liked a slightly taller doll (This girl is only 9" tall.), with more articulation. From what I hear, this series isn't as jointed as they could be.

But both these girls are examples of the 'Big Eye' dolls around today. Big Eye dolls didn't go away.They just got more expensive!
I do have my Leptospermum, but one of these days I hope to get a larger ball jointed doll like a Volks or something.I'll have to wait until one shows up at a yard sale though. (Too expensive.) But I'm not holding my breath. (Then I'd look like my J doll...)


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