Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Another Goodwill Haul: Vintage Tammy,G.I Joe and more

  Before we start,I have to welcome our newest follower,Linda. Welcome Linda! Linda, formerly of What Happens in the Doll Room, has a couple of new blogs, Darkroom Dolls, where she posts her doll photography, and  The Old Darkroom, where she posts cool old photographs. Plus, I think I figured out who the follower is that I missed a while back. If I'm not mistaken, it's Milena. Welcome Milena! (If I've welcomed you before, just ignore me!) Milena has a blog called MINIMAGINE, where you can see the great furniture and room boxes Milena has created and sells.
  I have found a few vintage dolls this summer, including a Tammy, but I made quite a haul of vintage and newer dolls at Goodwill a week or so ago.

All these dolls were $1 or $2.

Another Tammy! And she's a red head!

It took me a while to figure out if this G.I. Joe was old or one of the newer repros.

They redid this exact 'figure', (Since he's a guy's 'doll'...) when Fuzz was little, and he's 20 now.

His feet are a different shade than his body. They almost look like they've been replaced, but I'm pretty sure all these were dumped from the same load,and as somebody's old play dolls, that's unlikely.
I researched him, and he seems to be one of the old guys. From what I found when I researched it, the older ones started out saying Patent Pending on their right 'cheek'. Then it became like this guy's, with the patent number.

The repros look almost the same, except they actually say 'reproduction on the left 'cheek'.
  Fuzzy has a red head, just like my childhood G.I. Joe.
My childhood Joe, who was called John, in a typical pose.I never could keep him straightened out. Even his wife Midge can't believe it. By the way, he did originally have the Joe scar on his face, but my sister removed the scars from our Joes to make them  more aesthetically pleasing...
This guy looks more like my sister's brown haired Joe, except this guy is a 'hard head', and hers was a 'soft head',meaning this guy's head is rock hard, where as her Joe's head was soft and hollow,just like her first husband's.

  I don't know who the littlest guy is,because he has no markings at all.He's made very like a Mego, but with slightly different jointing. The larger of the two little guys is a Mego though.

Mego guy even has his shoes! But what's the deal with those shorts?
Megos are super jointy and poseable. I'm pretty sure he's Action Jackson. He kind of looks like the Planet of the Apes astronaut, which would be great, because I need him.Unfortunately, I think his hair is too dark and his side burns are too long for him to be the POTA astronaut.
The large girl is a BFC Ink Kaitlyn.

She's the more jointy one too. I need to weed out all my extra BFC Ink dolls and get rid of them. This girl may be the Kaitlyn that stays if I can get that ink mark off her head. I have heard Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is great for removing marks like that, but I haven't had much luck with it. I wish I knew what I was doing wrong.
  The smaller newish girl is a Forever Best Friends doll.

I love the faces on these dolls. They were made by MGA, the company that makes Bratz and Moxie Girlz. Their clothing is very similar to those lines. In fact, I could do with more shirts for them that aren't 'belly shirts', as my girls always call them.)The kind that are so short your belly hangs out.)
I think she's Brianee. She's the kind with jointed hands and hers are missing. That's ok, because she at least hasn't had a hair cut, and I have some dolls from this line with hair cuts that have their hands. I can always switch the hands to this one. That's another line of dolls that I need to sort out my extras on and get them out of here.
  To update a recent post, my Barbie Dream Kitchen and Dinette has sold. That will help a bit when we come back from England and have bills to pay, even if I am sorry to see that kitchen step ladder and Corning Ware go!


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    Congrats on your finds. I like Tammy and Kaitlyn.

  2. Hi! Thank you for the welcome and the links! I'm glad to follow you again :-). A great bunch of dolls you found! I didn't know the Forever Best Friends dolls yet, the one you found has a very cute face.

  3. Hope you have good luck with cleaning up your BFC Ink doll.

  4. You might try benzoyl peroxide ( pimple cream)? You dab it on and put in the sun, Google it....

  5. Thanks for your post. Very interesting and informative :)


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