Saturday, July 18, 2015

More Recent Acquisitions: Little Miss Revlon

    The girls went off today to get haircuts before we go on our trip. Ivy had about a foot of hair cut off! I hated to see it go, but it's her hair. Besides, it will grow back.
  Ken and I headed out of town to a small town nearby that was having it's "Corn Festival". Ken loves corn and spends his life in an eternal search for yellow corn, since, around here at least, we are told 'everybody' wants white corn these days. (Well, it was white corn a couple of years ago. Now we're being told that 'everybody' prefers bicolor corn. I think 'everybody prefers' whatever they're trying to sell at the time. They like to push the white or bicolor corn because they can get 2 or  3 harvests of it a season, compared to one harvest of yellow corn, since yellow takes longer to ripen.)
  Well, it was the most corn-free corn festival you could imagine.To paraphrase a Monty Python sketch, it was certainly uncontaminated by corn. To quote my dad, it was "the nighest no-festival I ever did see". There was roasted corn, which was white corn, and that was the only corn there. There wasn't even anything else made of corn. Just so he could say he'd had something with corn Ken and I went in a little folksy restaurant downtown where he got a bowl of corn chowder. It did have yellow corn in it, even if it did most certainly come out of a can. At least I do have several ears growing on the corn I planted for Ken this year.
  I want to welcome our latest follower, To TylkoJa. (I hope I got that right!) She has several blogs, which you can check out by clicking on her name in the followers list.
  Well, I haven't had much luck at Salvation Army for a while, but I spotted this Little Miss Revlon there  recently.

She's in her original box...

...and has her booklet.
I'll show you more of the booklet in a minute.

Her outfit is called Gay Stripe Dress (9121) I believe. There were apparently several variations of the fabric for this dress, but I'm pretty sure this is it.

Here it is in her booklet:

She's wearing a pair of clone shoes I think. They are way softer than the white shoes in the box, which I think are her originals. There is also another clone pair in the box.

She has her Miss Revlon purse too.

Someone had the forethought to stuff it with tissue paper to prevent it splitting.

She has beautiful blonde hair.

She does have some green ear.

She has another, bigger problem as well...

She needs restrung. That's not a big problem though. My friend Connie does alot of doll restringing and has kindly offered to restring Little Miss Revlon.
Also in the box was this doll sized glove.

The strange thing is, I got another single glove like this at a doll auction a couple of years ago! Ivy recognized it immediately when I showed it to her, and she was as excited as I was. It's so cute!
  For those of you interested in Little Miss Revlon and her fashions, here's the rest of the booklet.

 And here's the back cover:
  We'll be going to England soon, but I have a few more posts ready and in the plans for before we go.


  1. Hello from Spain: this doll is very glamurous. I like very much your pics. I just discovered your blog and I love your dolls. Right now I have a blog dedicated to Barbie dolls that I invite you to visit: If you want we keep in touch. I already made me a follower of your blog.

  2. Thanks so much! And thanks for following!

  3. You really can't beat Little Miss Revlon, regardless of what shape she's in. Yours is in fantastic shape except for those ears. My LMR's ears are also green, and I had to cut her original earring posts off to put a halt to that mess spreading! Your doll is gorgeous, though.

    1. Thanks. I never managed o get Connie to restring her, and she has moved away now. Do you know of any way to get rid of the green?


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