Friday, July 24, 2015

Just A Little Note to Say See You Soon

  Well, we'll be off to England any day now, so you may not hear from me for a while. I'm looking forward to seeing England again, and friends I haven't seen for nearly 30 years.Mostly, I'm looking forward to seeing Ken in his 'natural habitat'! He's been so excited and counting down the minutes to the trip. This will be the first time he's been home since he moved here more than 31 years ago. There will be visiting time with his sisters and their families,and trips with them to show the girls a bit of the country, and places Ken used to live and work.  We'll also be going to London with the girls for a few days. It isn't much time to see London, but if  we can squeeze it in I'd like to show the girls where I lived. The girls are looking forward to some shopping time while we're in London, and as anyone who has been around young ladies will know, we could easily take up the whole 3 days with that! (I should talk. I'm quite a marathon shopper myself...)
  Before I go I want to welcome our newest follower MajorMistakes. Thanks for joining us! MajorMistakes has two blogs, Straight on til Morning and Off with my Head, which you might want to check out.
  See you when I get back, if not sooner. I hope I find something amazing to share with you while I'm there!


  1. Have a great trip! When you get back, I have some pictures of my daughter's Bitty Baby doll to compare your Gotz baby with.

  2. I wish you and your family a wonderful, amazing and happy vacation! Have a safe flight! :)

  3. Thanks so much,both of you.

  4. thank you so much for shout out, however my other blog is meant for my family, and will be always written in polish so... pretty hermetic ;)

    I wish you really nice trip and hope you will have lots of luck while shopping.


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