Friday, July 17, 2015

Scribble Stuff Pencil Stacker Erasers

  I found these clearanced at Walmart recently.

I got two packs so we could mix and match.
They aren't dolls, but they can turn any pencil into a 'doll' of sorts.

I thought they were really cute. Ivy and I had a few minutes of fun playing with them. Kids would love them. At least, kid-me would have.

Plus you can erase stuff with them. Not that anal retentive kid-me would have actually used them.

Apparently we got the Steven Spielberg pack.

They remind me of two things from when I was a kid. The one thing was a frame tray thingy that had changeable face parts that moved when you turned the dial. The other thing it reminds me of is Creeple People.

 Creeple People were rubber parts you made with the Mattel Thingmaker set. That was one of those sets with the amazingly too hot for child play hot plate that melted rubber goop that came in a bottle. When it cooled you had rubber parts which you then slipped on to a pencil. I still have one in a box somewhere that one of my sister's friends gave her. He's a head, arms, and feet on a pencil. He's also wearing a felt poncho thing with a belt, with hippy phrases written all over it. It was the 60's, ok?


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    1. Yeah, I can definitely see you having these as a kid. I definitely would have bought them for you anyway.


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