Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Gift From Germany: Miniature Steins!

 Well, I'm officially old now. According to the rag magazines at the grocery store, Cher and Bill Murray are having their 'Sad Last Days'. I'm sure they'll have them a few more times, but still...
  I know I have a couple of new followers since the last time I welcomed some, but I'm having a hard time figuring out who one of them is. I know one is Louis Sapphire, so welcome Louis. But the other one... Once Upon a Doll Collection? Anybody know if you are number 57? If so, consider yourself welcomed.
  While I'm thinking of it, has anybody ever realized how much 'Frozen' Olaf's head looks like a toilet?
It first occurred to me when we found these candy holders at Target around Easter. Olaf looks a little 'flushed'!
    Recently I received a package from my friend Birgit in Germany. Inside were these cool miniature steins!

There's a size for 18" dolls.

The lid opens.

And there's a smaller one that's a bit big for 1/6 scale.

It's hollow metal and the lid doesn't open.

There are these beautiful 1/12 scale ones.

The ones on the left are so pretty, but the lids don't open. :(  My favourites are the ones on the right.
You may remember my little old man. He's around 4 inches tall. I made him and he had his own post on Doll-a-Day 93.

These tiny ones in 1/12 scale have opening lids!

Yay! Just what I wanted!

  I love my little steins! Thanks Birgit!


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