Saturday, April 1, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #91 Shrunken Saturday:Emma's Collection Part 3:Funko Pop Vinyl,Titans,Scribblenauts,and Kidrobot

  Today is Shrunken Saturday, so we're going to see what small stuff Emma has in her collection. Keep in mind that what's in Emma's apartment is not her entire collection of stuff. She still has stuff here at home that fits in with a lot of the stuff she has at her house. (Emma,remember your Clifford figure from "Muppets Tonight"?) She does have some cool small stuff on hand though. Like these tiny skeleton dinosaurs.

These are just the right size for a 1/6 scale kid's room or museum.These were from gum ball machines at our local Meijer store. During the time they were in the machines Emma, Fuzz, and I all collected them. We were all after the elusive triceratops.
  Emma has a collection of Pop Vinyl figures,Titan figures, and these Batman mini figures. Anybody know who they're by?

  When Emma was small she and I used to watch 'Batman the Animated Series',and when she was a little older we watched the old 60's Batman series I watched as a kid. Batgirl has always been one of her favourites. I got her a Batgirl bendy for Christmas, but when I looked at the photos ai took, Batgirl was hidden behind something.
  This Robin mini figure is from the Arkham City video game and is by Funko. Batman is a Scribblenauts  figure.
Batman is standing on a spiral notebook because,uh: Scribblenauts.

But there's no maker on the bottom.
When I was taking pictures at Emma's I had brought along Ken's Doctor Who mini Titans figure so I could include it along with hers.
Ken's favourite Doctor,Jon Pertwee.
In fact, Emma gave it to him. He's a Titans figure.

Robin is slightly taller than this Power Girl by Funko.

And a lot taller than South Park's Butters by Kidrobot.
Butters is a Kidrobot figure.

And that's it for Shrunken Saturday. Tomorrow we'll see Emma's larger Pop Vinyls.


  1. These are really cute.
    A friend of mine had those tiny batman figurines a few years ago. I think there were a couple of others too and they had little tiny bases with their names.
    They were called Little Mates. But not sure if that was the brand or just the range.

    1. Thanks! I looked up Little Mates and I think it is the name of the brand.


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