Thursday, April 3, 2014

Doll-A-Day 93: Another Doll of My Own Making: Old Man

  I was so excited today. I dropped Ken off at work, and as usual, since he works in the plaza with Goodwill I stopped in to check it out. There was a really detailed tiny basket,( which I wish I could show you.), but not much else.I almost didn't go to Salvation Army, which is just down the street. At the last minute I changed my mind, and I'm glad I did. Regular readers may remember a while back, when I did "Big Eye Week", reading my story about my Susie Slicker doll.She was stolen by my cousin when I was a kid. Ken tried to replace her for me, but the doll we bought online turned out to be a different type of doll, with a cheaper raincoat and red face.

The Sad Eyes doll I bought as a kid to replace my Susie, and the Susie Slicker, in the soft plastic raincoat,that Ken bought for me.
I got a few Susie's at an auction a while back, but the raincoat the one was wearing was a pink version of the stiff purple raincoat my Susie had.

Auction Susies. The pink raincoat is stiff and shiny like my Susie's purple one.
For April I wanted to photograph dolls in raincoats for the blog, and was a bit sorry I had already covered Susie Slicker. I was wishing I had a Susie I hadn't shown yet to use during April, (Dolls in raincoats for 'April showers bring May flowers' month.)Today I walked into Salvation Army and almost didn't notice a purple coated Susie Slicker on the shelf! She has the same stiff purple vinyl coat as my Susie, and even has her tights and one boot. She is also a nicer vinyl than most of the other Susie's I've managed to get over the years. She's so close to my Susie, after all this time. I was thrilled!  I wish I could show her to you too, but...
Our computer is still not letting me get pictures off the camera, so here's another doll I made. It's my little old man.

He's a bit short for 1/12, or dollhouse scale, but we all shrink as we get old.

He has a polymer clay head. His body and limbs have a wire armature, and his hands are sculpted felt.

Since he has a wire armature, he's poseable.

I made all his clothes, which is the hardest part of making dolls, for me.I even made the buttons on his vest...

and his little slippers.

His accessories include a pocket watch and a pair of pince nez glasses.

I made these too.I wish I could have found some smaller chain.

I think he looks a bit like Grampa Joe from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

 He'll be for sale under my Tamsykens name soon too.(Or you can contact me here at the blog if you're interested.)
I'll try to get my pictures again tomorrow.

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