Thursday, October 24, 2013

First Day of School, a photo story

  Ok, here's the story I warned you about.I know it's a little late for the first day of school, but I had intended to do this in September. When I was a kid we started school in September, but it gets earlier all the time.This year it was still August when Ivy went back to school.

   It's the first day of school. The World family is having breakfast.

                                Dolly: Where's Tammy? She's going to make everybody late for school.
                                Todd: She's coming. You know she's always late.

Wally: Are they ready? I'm going to be late for work.
 Dolly: Good thing you own the place then. They're  just finishing up, but Tammy hasn't come to the table yet."

Wally: "Well, I'm going to go start the car."
Todd: "Mom! The little creep's doing it again!"
Dolly: "Gareth, stop staring at your brother."
Todd: "Mom!"
                                      Tammy, sliding to the table: Made it! Gimme my Fruity-Ohs!
                                      Dolly: Please.
                                      Tammy: Please.

                        Dolly: No. This morning is oatmeal or eggs. The oatmeal just ran out. You're having eggs.
                        Tammy: Then why did I have to say 'please' for my Fruity-ohs?
                        Dolly: Tammy, I'm holding a large spatula in my hand.
                        Tammy: Ok!

Tammy: "I still don't see why I have to wear a skirt!"
                                         Dolly: It's the first day of school. Humour me.
                                         Tammy: Does that mean I don't have to wear a dress or a skirt for the rest of the school year?!
                                         Dolly: We'll see...

                                                                      Tammy: Yay!!
                                                                      Dolly:...about that.

Meanwhile at the Rettop house...

                                Barbara:Is Heidi coming? I need to know what she wants in her thermos.
                                Vanessa: She's still getting dressed. She can't decide what to wear.

                         Richard: Ok. Are they ready? I got the car started, but I don't know how long it'll last.

                                  Harry: Can I steer while you push it back into the driveway this time Dad?

                                              Richard: Let's hope it doesn't come to that...again.

                                Barbara: Heidi is still deciding what to wear.
                                Richard: Are you kidding? I'm going to be late for work!
                                Barbara: What are you worried about? I bet Wally hasn't even left the house yet.
                                Richard: Yeah, but he's the boss.

Richard heads to the bedroom Heidi shares with Vanessa.

                                               Richard: Heidi! Come on! What's the hold up?

                                               Heidi: What do I wear?!

(Poor Sherlock,the dog. is covered in discarded clothes.)
                                                        Heidi: I don't have anything decent!

                                          Heidi: It's the first day of school and I'm going to look like a creep!

(Heidi continues her rampage.)   Richard: Can't she just pick something?! They're only clothes.

                                     Barbara: I don't believe you said that.


                                                     Neighbor guy: Hey! Barbie!

                                                                  Richard:  Rettop!

                        Neighbor guy: Whatever. Listen, can my kid ride to school with you today?

                               Richard (sighing, mutters under his breath,"It's starting already.") (out loud)Sure.

 Neighbor guy: You're gonna have to wait for him after school though. He's gonna have detention.

Richard: It's the first day of school! How can you possibly know he's going to have detention?!

                                                                  Neighbor guy: He will.

  Some of you might recognize that fence from an earlier post. It's the Byers fence with the evergreen removed. The World's kitchen table is a My Little Kitchen Fairies  table. It only came with two white chairs, so I pieced together all those red chairs from various yard sales and thrift stores. The Kitchen Fairies table is actually slightly short for 1/6 scale, but I think it still looks great. I found those great Corelle Living wear dishes at Goodwill. They're made by Marx and are from the late 60's I think.And of course, that great Kitchen Littles fridge and sink/counter set. I talked Ken into buying that when Emma was little by saying she and I could share it. It spent her childhood in Emma the Doll's house, and the last few years have been my turn! 

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