Thursday, October 17, 2013

Flea Market score!

  Saturday my friend Lori and I went to the BIG flea market in Lucasville. Lori, who has been having trouble with her heart this year was definately feeling much better than the last flea market we went to.Thank goodness.I've been very worried about her. It was so good to see her pretty much back to her old self.
  I did get a few goodies...

Ho Ho Ho! Is it December yet? The Santa is not the usual 12" guy. He's way smaller. I notice he's keeping an eye on those deer.

A strange frog baby and his friend  in the Barbie Babysits basket. The dresser I actually got last. I only had 75 cents by then, so I had to borrow a dollar from Lori. The guy had $2 on it and I asked him if he would take $1.75. He laughed when I showed him my last 75 cents and how I was getting the dollar from Lori, and said ok! It's a picture frame, but I'm going to replace the glass with a mirror. It'll be the perfect doll dresser! I might replace the drawer knobs too.

...including some really cheap stuff for our turtle, our cats, and our bird,probably the last home grown tomatoes of the season : ( and some great Amish peanut butter cookies.) But as we were trying to work our way toward the exit I came across what I will describe as  'Toy Island': a whole corner of one row filled with dolls and toys. They covered the ground and several tables. If I hadn't spent most of my money by then I could have bought alot more from the lady running the stall. As it was I passed up a large non talking Family Matters Steve Urkel doll, (I have the talking one, but I've never seen this one.),a 12" modern Holly Hobbie doll, an 18" Fancy Nancy with all her original outfit including jelly sandals,and several others. I had started by rummaging through the tub of $3 Barbie sized dolls and the tub full of Bratz Kidz, Strawberry Shortcake,etc. I had already picked out  a Twilight Edward doll.
Bella digs scrawny pale guys.

   Too bad his vinyl is the weirdly white colour. (He's pretty pale even for an English guy.)I really like the body sculpt.It's very realistic.I also had the Steve Urkel ,and the Holly Hobbie.But then I spotted two bags of  old dolls. The dolls were $1 each. "They're old." the lady said.I started going through the bags and spotted some vintage trolls...

...this Uneeda Little Miss Revlon Wanna Be.She has strange hair: two types and two shades of red, but all original.

After that trip to the spa and the laundry I feel so much better.

...this Uneeda Ginny Wanna Be  Girl Scout walker doll.

Anybody ever tell this girl about sock garters?

...this purse doll...doll purse?

...and this girl.

But the find of the day was something that made me gasp a bit when I saw her in the bag under the other dolls.


This beautiful little 8" Betsy McCall!She has blushy cheeks, both her barrettes,and she's wearing actual Betsy PJ's from 'Pajama Party'.

Ok Betsy. You can open your eyes now.You're in your new home.


Well Betsy, what do you think?

I guess she likes it here. Betsy does the happy dance over her new home.

Is this my dresser? Uh...we'll see....

She's perfect.All her joints are tight,her colouring is bright. her hair is full. No cracks or splits. And she was only a dollar!I was so excited! Lori is not a doll person at all and could not appreciate what a great find Betsy was. All she could say was, "Who would pay more than that anyway?" Happily, my doll friend Connie was duly impressed when I told her yesterday!
  One thing though. I can't seem to get her to sit down? Any advice?
  In the end I had to put Holly Hobbie and Steve Urkel back.(Oh well. I prefer the cool plastic saddle shoes on talking Steve anyway.) But I got a great Betsy with blushy cheeks, which I really wanted.You win some you lose some.I think I came out on top!

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