Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ever After High Huntsman Set and Clearance Deals on Dolls and Accessories

Just a quick post to report a few things in the stores recently.First of all, for those of you who like the Ever After High series of dolls, late last week I saw the set of Ashlynn Ella and Hunter Huntsman dolls at Meijer. Everybody knows how hard to find guy characters are, and how they usually only make one or two. So if you're into this series I would highly recommend getting out there now to get yours. Be forewarned before making a trip to the nearest Meijer however. I went to a different Meijer out of town yesterday and they didn't have the set yet.
  Meijer also has some of the La Dee Da and Bratzillas outfits and accessory packs clearanced. I got this Bratzillas Academy Style accessory pack for $1 at our local Meijer.

It was the only one they had, but it's the one I would have bought, so, perfect!

  Although yesterday the Meijer out of town I went to had a better selection, they still had theirs priced at $5.I have never been into regular Bratz, and my kids were never allowed to have them. They just looked too sleazy for my tastes. But I like some of the Bratzillaz. I really like the House of Witchez dolls. I think since they aren't supposed to be 'people' people they come off differently. Also the faces look more 'wholesome', let's say. I still don't think I would have let my kids have them though.
  The Meijer out of my town also had One Direction dolls clearanced  for $10, and Brave Merida dolls complete with fancy dress and bow and arrow set clearanced for $10. Their Novi Stars and glow in the dark Midnight Beach Bratzillaz dolls were clearanced too, but I can't remember the prices. Sorry!
  Another item of note: Hobby Lobby have their Christmas decorations out already and there are several ornaments that would work well in doll dioramas. My two favourites are a vintage style stand mixer (In a couple of different colours.), and a really cool metal Coca Cola washtub full of 'ice' and 'Coke bottles'. Both things are perfect 1/6 scale. The Coke ornament is actually VERY realistic. I'm trying to talk Ken, who collects Coke things, into wanting it so I can borrow it sometimes! 

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