Friday, October 4, 2013

More Amazing Barbie stuff today!

  This summer has been vintage Barbie Bonanza time as far as yard sales go. I have never run across so many vintage Barbie and family dolls, stuff,and similar friends in one summer. If you read one of my earlier posts you will have seen that I found quite a few vintage dolls and clothes at a yard sale earlier this summer. I also managed to get a Deluxe Reading Dream Kitchen, thanks to a friend,a Tammy's Ideal House at another yard sale, and today I made this find:
Sorry about the plastic nudist colony.

  These dolls were waiting for me at a garage sale where I was helping the lady drag her stuff inside out of the rain. I almost missed them, but I heard her confirm to another lady that there were 'antiques and collectibles inside' on her sun porch. These guys were just inside the door. I also got a vintage Ideal Thumbelina and another older doll, some miniature baskets, a set of Krazy Ikes wooden building toys in their original box,and a couple of very cute old framed prints, which turned out to be 1959 menus from a Holland America cruise ship. I got everything for $31. The Midges are really nice, with only some minor lip rubs (I could fix that.) and hairdos needed. They have completely different skin tones.

The paler girl has super curly hair (Which makes me think she might be one of the earliest Midges.) and all her finger and toe nail paint. The other has all her finger nail paint.  Ken and Allan don't even have any hair rubs.The Tressy dolls have really nice faces. I love the dark haired one. The other one will look nice once she's dressed. She's very like the one I have from when I was a kid. The Thumbelina doesn't work, but she has her original wooden knob. I don't know who the other girl is, but I'm hoping my friend Connie can fix her up a bit. She has most of her mohair hair, and her crier still works.
  The pictures are so cute.

  The lady who sold them to me was an older lady, (To me, and I'm 51.) and they belonged to her mother in law, Flora. Flora wrote lovely notes which she kept with all the things she had saved over the years. The girl  picture had this written on the back.
"I think this little lassie has a guilty look---could she have swiped the flowers she is holding back of her?"
  I was very tempted to buy the napkins and tablecloth to which Flora had pinned some notes, including one detailing how she had bought 2 yards of fabric and sewed it into the set of linens in 1921, and how proud she was of her work at the time. So sweet. I wonder why her family wouldn't keep such such things.I was also tempted to buy a gift card to Flora from her husband Zeke. It had a pretty poem which I have unfortunately forgotten now.I may have Ken buy it tomorrow since he has to take back a necklace that was accidentally put in my bag. I'd go myself, but I am doing a doll show tomorrow. It's a long drive, so Ivy and I have to be up super early in the morning and we'll be gone all day. I just hope it's worth it.
  I also got something in the mail today.

  When I was a kid we had this Barbie's New Dream House. My sister gave it to me when she outgrew it, but then later she conveniently forgot she had given it to me and gave it to her first husband's nieces.It's one of the more expensive Barbie houses, so I thought I would never get one. I happened across one online recently and although it was a bit more than I would spend on myself,there were mysteries in the closet! There was only a little showing in the auction pictures, so I'm dying to see what's inside!

I'm already getting excited!

  I thought if I could sell the mystery items (I identified a couple in the auction pictures, but there are more lurking!), I might be able to pay for the house. I always loved that house, especially the sliding patio door! That was my favourite part!

The sliding door! And the handle isn't even bent on the outside!
When we made Emma a dollhouse one of the things I made sure was included was a sliding patio door! 
I'm hoping that one of these fur stoles goes to the Junior Prom dress that I spotted in the auction.
  And it  was! I think I just paid for my Dream House!

  And the good stuff just keeps coming.

I spy with my little eye Junior Prom,Enchanted Evening, Barbie in Holland,a red sheath dress,and Sophisticated Lady!

And the rest of Barbie in Holland was in the cupboard above the sink.(And the Spanish Inquisition was hiding behind the coal shed.) That's where I always keep my clothes.

Well now we know which Barbie this kid had.

I have to love the kid that owned this house. Look what they were using as a tv screen!

The Beatles card is taped to one of the original tv screens that came with the house.

  About the only thing I that can tell is missing is the base to the living room lamp, and, unfortunately, the other tv screens, including the one that made me fall in love with Larry the Lion!

Super minty Barbie in Holland, red sheath, and Skipper hat. Slight fraying on the Barbie hat.

The paper rug, which is the only piece I have left from our childhood Dream House, has no tears or dog eared edges.

  There is a bit of water damage, but mainly to the flap that will be covered by the bed when the house is set up. Set up where? I have NO idea!

  The furniture is minty. No bent chair or table legs. There's some tape on the house, but that looks like it may have been put on when they put the house together. The house seems to have been played with very little. Some of the walls and doors appear to have never been folded open.
  So I had a pretty good day!


  1. Thanks Vanessa. Do you collect vintage Barbie stuff, or modern only?

  2. I mostly collect more modern stuff, but I really appreciate the vintage items.


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