Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Doll Show Story: I made a sale!

  So, Sunday was the big doll show.They installed new lighting since the last show. It was amazing seeing the place properly lit! No more people carrying flashlights around to see what they're buying!

  As big as it was, there was a lot of empty space compared to previous years.

Dolls as far as the eye can see...and now we can! This was taken from the stage. You can't see here, but there are two more levels on each side and at the back.

I couldn't show how large the place really is without a wide angle lens.

This is from the back, facing the stage. This is one of the two upper levels.

From the back corner, looking across.

I don't know who these dealers are. I was just trying to show the size of the place and some of the stuff being sold.
  As some people were saying at the Cincinnati show I did recently, shows are dying. This show, busy as it was, was nowhere near as busy as it used to be. It's a shame, because it's so nice to be able to see and touch things before you buy, and be able to really examine them.It's also nice  to have contact with so many other like minded people. I saw my friends Karen, and Casey, as well as other familiar faces.We didn't sell much, but we did cover our table costs and make a tiny amount besides, if, as Ken points out, you don't take into account the cost of the items.
  I made a few purchases, including a non talking Scooba Doo doll for $2. She has some damage and hair that seriously needs a do,but she'll display fairly well when I'm done with her.
  I also bought this really cool set!

There's no date on it, but it looks to be 70's.

   It's just what I needed! You'll be seeing more of it soon.
  But the biggest news is that I sold my first 1/48 scale furniture! (I can't say my first furniture because Ivy reminded me that I sold a 1/12 couch.)

I made the three piece set, and I sold it to a lady who bought them as her first items for her 1/48 dollhouse.

  As you can see from this picture, they are pretty tiny. This picture is bigger than real life! I think they were my favourites of the furniture I've made. I actually enjoy making these super tiny ones more than the regular doll house size. I was thrilled to have someone want them enough to buy them! I almost wanted to hug her!It was a little sad to see them go though. It's always that way with something I've made. I always hope they go to loving homes.

  I still have a fainting couch in the same fabric.

  And a red and white set without the stool. That was the only stool I've made so far. I liked the pleating on it.I have made a few other 1/48 scale pieces.

Maybe I'll make a stool for this set after all.

There is also this fainting couch

And this couch.

  The miniature show is next month, so we'll see how I do.


  1. Yes, I would like the pink one in 1/1 scale O.O

  2. Me too, but I don't have that much cardboard...

    1. And by the way, no 'Good going Mom' on my sale?

    2. Good going Mom on making me a pretty couch. *cracks whip*


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