Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The World Family at the Pumpkin Patch: A Photostory

     The World family
has gone to the pumpkin patch to pick out their Halloween
Rosie: I want down Daddy.

   Todd and Gareth have their wagons to haul the pumpkins home.

Gareth: Too small...

Jo: You like this one, Betsy? It's kind of big.
  Simon may have spotted his perfect pumpkin, and Rosie is wasting no time finding hers.

Rosie (grunting): This one Daddy!

Dolly: Oh, I like that one Betsy.

  Todd's found his pumpkin, and Betsy has found a smaller one, thank goodness.

Dolly:Have you decided if you're going to paint your pumpkin or carve it?

Tammy: I can't make up my mind. I don't want to waste it, so you can make pie out of it. But I really want to make a Jack O'Lantern.

Gareth: Can I have this one Daddy?

Wally: Don't you think that one's a little big for you,bud?

Gareth: But I loooove it!

Gareth struggles to move his pumpkin.

Gareth: Help me Daddy. Wally: You really have to have this one, huh? Gareth: Pleeease? Wally: Ok, let's get it in the wagon.

  Anne and Simon load their pumpkins into the wagon.

Jo: Sit down Betsy. We're going to roll.
  Finally everybody has picked a pumpkin and they're all loaded in the wagon. Rosie and Betsy hitch a ride.

Dolly: Everybody push to get Todd started.

Dolly: Heave ho!
Gareth : Ugh! Ugh!
                                                         Gareth is having a little trouble!

Wally: Are you sure you don't want some help with that? Gareth: No. I (ugh!) want to do it myself.(ugh!)

                                                                Finally on the way.

                                                        And the Worlds head home.

  Behind the scenes...
  What were they thinking, wearing their best white shoes to go to the pumpkin patch?!
  Probably the same thing I was thinking, not bringing out something to kneel on. Good thing I wore old pants.

  I'm still planning a post about the doll show, but I have to help Ivy with her costume. Maybe later.


  1. And the pumpkins roll around and squish the girls in an "Eric Idle's dad"-esque manner!

    But seriously, I wish your other readers could hear Gareth and Tammy's voices, because that's half of the fun.

  2. And I decided to just make this a sweet story and took out the part where Gareth is laying on the big pumpkin and Todd says,"If this was a cartoon that thing would roll over and squash you like a pancake!" When he gets scolded for freaking Gareth out he just says, "I said 'if'!" You know I would have used that when you were a kid and we were playing. I guess that's why you make comments like that one! And your Dad suggested I do videos, but I thought it would sound stupid with me doing all the voices,and with no voices I might as well do stills.

    1. Do it like The Most Popular Girls in School!


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