Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ai Ball Jointed Doll Lagrus Mini Review

 The snow is pretty much melted and the muddy gray grass is showing. But a couple of weeks ago when we had lots of snow, (or was it the week before?) I took some pictures of  my Ai doll Lagrus. I have done several reviews of Ai dolls, so I'm not doing a detailed review of the packaging or fine details.  If you're interested in that and want to see the other dolls, you can find their reviews here: Coreopsis , Leptospurmum ,Bee Balm , Phlox , Hyacinth

   The Ai dolls in this series are all named after plants. Apparently lagrus looks like this:

And the doll looks like this:
She has a beautiful coat, and I love coats.

It has a removable capelet...

...and the hood has bunny ears!

They match the bunny ears on the front of the coat.

 Ai dolls are made by Jun Planning.
 They are ball jointed, and have changeable eyes and removable wigs which attach to the head with Velcro.
She has a really beautiful skin tone that I was finding hard to capture in these pictures. And her eyes are a really dark blue.
There are four different Ai head molds.There is a sleepy eye mold, a closed eye mold, and two open eye molds. One open eye mold is smiling and the other has a slightly turned down mouth.Lagrus has the open eye mold with a slightly turned down mouth, like Coreopsis
and Leptospurmum.

 She's just about 5" tall.

She also came with a pink dress. I took the opportunity to photograph her recently in a less snowy setting, so she is comfortable without her coat on.

Her little shoes even have tread on the bottoms. The straps velcro on the side.

She also comes with a matching set of bunny ears on a head band.

They match her coat.

By the way, the stairs are part of an action figure display from The Matrix.
 I bought it at a yard sale. I only got Keanu Reeves with it, (The figure. Not the real guy...), and I have no idea what I ever did with him.

Like all of the Ai dolls I have, her stringing is really tight, and it's hard to get her to hold some poses. Her head doesn't tilt much either.

She can stand on her own.

I've been waiting to use these stairs. I think these pictures came out pretty good!
 I think she looks pretty cute with Coreopsis' wig on too.

The great thing about having several of these dolls is that you can switch around the clothes,eyes, and wigs, and make a lot of different dolls. The Ai dolls all come with putty to hold the eyes in place so the dolls can look up or down, straight ahead, or to the side, or however you want.The dolls are small, but have pudgier bodies than Kelly dolls for example. (Very few Kelly clothes will fit them, mostly coats made to have clothes underneath.I covered a few clothes that will fit in my review of Bee Balm.) From what I have been able to find out, Ai dolls are larger than Pukipuki's, but smaller than Pukifees and Lati Yellows. The wigs are size 4-5, and the eyes are about 10mm.There are so many of the Ai dolls, and they're all cute. Tuesday Morning stores have had them sporadically over the last couple of years. It was quite a while back that I saw any there, but you never know. The price is great there too. For only $29.99 you can get a cute little ball jointed doll that is well made and comes with some neat accessories. The Ai dolls are plastic, not resin, but the quality of the plastic is really nice. It's beautifully smooth and most of the dolls have a lovely glowing skin tone.
  See you soon!


  1. She is o cute. I like the face without smile and sweet outfit. However my heart belongs to this staircase;) It is gorgeous:)

    1. I wish there was a whole house to go with it!

  2. You did a great thing buying that at a yard sale, The whole time I was checking these out I wondered about that Awesome staircase-Thanks for letting us know. She posed really great on it too-Great Job! They are so cute too bad TM doesn't carry them more often, I heard some stores only get in like 2 or 3-thats it.

    1. I think it depends on how busy your Tuesday Morning is. The clerk at the one I visit the most told me their store is the biggest in Ohio and one of the top 10 in the country. That means they get more merchandise, nd choicier stuff. It also means they get shopped more, so you really have to be on your toes to catch the good stuff!


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