Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Quick Review of Disney Store Animator's Collection Frozen Kristoff Toddler Doll

  Wow! Now that's a title and a half!
  I have birthday dolls to review, but while I'm working on that, here's a review that I've had in draft for a while. I finished it off today.
  I love the Disney Store's Animator's Collection dolls. (Recently you may have seen my thrift store Merida rescue. ) I bought myself this Frozen Kristoff doll a while back and I finally deboxed him a few weeks ago.
He comes with a little soft Sven doll.

Kristoff is such a cute little guy, and I may be wrong, but I think he's the only boy in the Animator's Collection line. Anybody?
The Disney Store logo in the top left hand corner of his box front. No cheap knock off here.
The back of his box.

Cute  Kristoff sketches decorate the box.

 The box was sealed with the usual tape circles on all three open sides of the lid.

The inner tray part slid out...

...and Kristoff was held in by the usual conglomerate of twist ties and tape.

After they were removed Kristoff was free from the tray, if not the giant plastic shell on the back of his head.
He was also left trailing two twist tie 'spurs' from the back of his boots.
The plastic shell was attached to his head with a thick plastic band, which left some scuff marks on his molded and painted hair.
It's hard to see here. Most of the scuffy looking marks are in fact highlight painting. It doesn't look like scuffs from other angles.The missing paint from the band is near his part, just about halfway back from his bangs.

Sven has a thick clear band that holds him to Kristoff's wrist. I nearly tore the back of the little stuffed Sven trying to get him off. It's a tight fit and kids are likely to rip him without help taking him off.

And then he was still held on by a plastic tie.
Free from all constraints at last! Isn't he cute? His hair looks very metallic.
He has detailed little feet.

His outfit velcros in the back. The top is all one piece. The pants have an elastic waist, and the boots have a split up the back to make them easy to remove and put on. 

His gloves slip on, and tie. The string is sewn to the gloves so it can't get lost. I've heard these gloves are REALLY hard to get on and off, so even though eventually I would like to redress him as an everyday little boy, for right now he's not taking off his gloves!
  He has tons of freckles, but they're not over done, and his cheeks are blushy.
His head tilts to his left way better than it tilts to his right.

He can look down fairly well.

But not up very far.

Even his ears are blushy.Plus they have freckles on them.
Our snow was gone until yesterday, when we had a sudden snowstorm. I think we got at least a couple of inches. Today it's warmish and the snow is melting fast. When I did Kristoff's photo shoot a few weeks ago,there was still plenty of snow. He decided to go outside, while there was still snow to enjoy. His eyes look almost like inset eyes here, but they are painted. They have a great glaze on them that makes them super shiny.

He got a little snowy while he was out there. He only has regular articulation: neck, shoulders, and hips. I'd love to have seen him with more articulation.

Rooted hair would be amazingly cute too.

Under his clothes he has a cute little pot belly, and blue painted underwear.

He's a little taller than the Frozen girls.

He's a nice, sturdy doll. His clothes are fairly movie accurate, but simple and easy to take on and off. (Except, supposedly, those gloves!) These animator's dolls have so much personality. They are usually around $25, but occasionally go on sale. I'm not sure the Frozen ones go on sale when all the others do though. When I was in our 'local' Disney Store last time all the others were on sale, but none of the Frozen dolls. That's probably because of their popularity right now. They might eventually go on sale with the others. I just hope they keep Kristoff in the line. But, I realize boy dolls aren't as popular, so I hope they don't discontinue him too soon. He's the only boy in the line, and boy dolls are so few any way. He has so much play potential. If he were redressed he wouldn't even have to be Kristoff. He makes a great every day little boy too.
  He's a bit big, so I almost didn't get him. I'm glad to have him though.He was too cute to pass up! 


  1. Awww, he's such a cutie pie! :D Congratulations! I wonder if its possible to get him in Germany too... *starts research*

  2. He's from The Disney Store, which sells online,so maybe. I don't know if they ship internationally, but they probably do. He's rather large though, so shipping might be a fortune. They occasionally have free shipping. Keep your eye on them.

  3. Hi Tam. I got this doll as birthday gift few days ago and I got similar problem about the hair painting. Is it really because the plastic? Or is it just part of the production? Is there anything we can do to make it look better? Thank you.

    1. It seems to be scuffs from the plastic. There's always repainting,but I don't know how easy it would be to get it smooth looking. Also, there is the colour streaking, so spray painting would be out...maybe? Some stencils maybe?


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