Sunday, March 29, 2015

More Birthday Goodies, and Less of My Nose Stitches

  Well, I'm sure you've heard way too much about my nose for the last couple of days. Today we're going to take a step back in time to look at what I got on my second birthday treat trip to the Big City the week before last.
  We had to take a short trip on my actual birthday because we had to get back for Ivy to get to bed for school the next day. So last week we went back for me to get a chance to go to some of the places I didn't get to go to the first time. I brought home a lot of goodies, some of which we'll take a closer look at in the upcoming week. Here's most of the haul:
Left to right: Sweetie Candy Ribbon Lalaloopsy mini and Our Generation mini Kendra,Hallmark 2014 'Tailg8n' ornament,Patch's Treasure Hunt Lalaloopsy mini,Planet of the Apes Cornelius Scalers figure by Neca, Madame Alexander Travel Friends India doll, and Only Hearts Club puppy in a bed.
I instantly fell in love with Sweetie Candy Ribbon because her colouring reminded me so much of a lot of the toys from my 60's childhood.
Groovy colours, man!

Our Generation Mini Kendra. If you read my post on my first birthday shopping trip, you'll know I was considering her then. We'll go into detail in her review coming up this week.
1/6 scale accessories! I removed them from the tail gate sign, and removed the beer from the tongs. The ornament was 90% off now.

I love Patch. I'd prefer he was the one with clothes instead of a skeleton suit, but he was only $3.99 at Tuesday Morning. The Only Hearts Club pet set was originally $3.99 at Tuesday Morning, but it was 90% off.
Cornelius was clearanced at Toys R Us. He's going to end up hanging from my rear view mirror.

Looks like he's not wearing his dentures...
  It was the first time I had seen the Madam Alexander Travel Friends dolls. If I had an unlimited budget I could have bought several, but the India doll was my favourite.
Watch for her review in the coming week.

I forgot to put these in the big picture:
This mini Chinese calendar and key ring doll came from a Chinese grocery store. The doll is 5" tall. Her clothes and shoes are removeable. The calendar would be great for a 1/6 scale Chinese restaurant. Our local Chinese buffet gives out the full sized ones every year around January.

And I also got these at Dollar Tree.

 1/6 scale lamps with glow in the dark shades. I'm going to try to make them into light up lamps, not just glow in the dark. Madeline Hatter is showing size comparison.

The shades glow in the dark,and they actually glow REALLY bright straight from the store, without even being 'charged'.

In case you aren't familiar with Dollar Tree, everything there is actually a dollar, unlike a lot of stores that call themselves 'Dollar' this or that.
    We'll have an in depth look at Our Generation mini Kendra and the Madame Alexander Travel Friends doll  from India in a couple of reviews later in the coming week.

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