Friday, March 20, 2015

Loads of Recent 1/6 Scale Finds and One 18" Doll Scale Goody

  Here are just some of the fun 1/6 scale finds I've made recently. I didn't find them all in one day, or even the same week, but all were found at local thrift stores.
A Fashionista Ryan (?),with jointed elbows and wrists, (but unfortunately not knees.),mail box,chest, rocking chair,pile of real bricks, and tiny Rudolph ornament.

The rocking chair was a picture frame, but I removed the picture holder part in the chair back. I'm going to put in a padded back made from upholstery fabric that looks like needlepoint. I'll need to replace the knobs on the chest.

The mail box was apparently originally a bank. The hole in the front is where there was originally a key lock door. There must have been a burglary... The top flap, which says 'packages bills', even opens so you can put stuff (Like money.) in.
Hey! That's not nice!
Hey Emma, are you getting George Harrison from this guy?

Cool real 1/6 scale bricks. I have a whole box of these in my basement somewhere, but I can't find them! These were in a bag in the craft supply section of Salvation Army.

And I almost forgot this...
No, not the fireplace. The 'screen'! I'd been passing this thing up at S.A. for ages, thinking it must be good for something besides the napkin holder it was made to be. Then one day it just hit me that it was the right size for a 1/6 scale fireplace screen! It is slightly short for my Byers fireplace, but I still think it works.(Of course, it does cover up the nice realistic looking log and andirons.) I might try to remove the back half if I can figure out how to do it without bending the whole thing to pieces.
Ryan warms his feet in front of the fire.
My last 1/6 scale find is one I showed you a pack of last year too. These Russell Stover Iddy Biddy Bunnies.
Still tiny, still delicious, and still only a dollar.
Last Easter Tammy World helped me show you how delicious and to scale they are...
Yes! Russell Stover IS our favourite chocolate!
With Easter coming up these would be great for putting in your kids' dolls Easter Baskets. (The kids can 'help' the dolls eat them of course!)
I came across one item for 18" dolls too. I've seen them before, but there was only one left and I didn't know if they would get any more, since it was at Big Lots. It's this canister of 'tennis balls':
They're actually gum balls! The canister is perfect though, and the gum looks just like tennis balls.
Samantha shows you the scale.
Replace the gum balls with polymer clay tennis balls, or some of those tiny key ring tennis balls.
  Just a quick mention, I have recently started a Flickr account where you can see some of the pictures from the blog, (without all the talk! ), and eventually other pictures too which don't end up here. You can go to it HERE.
  Well, those are the finds for now. Keep your eyes open. Cool minis are everywhere!


  1. You got a lot of great items! I hope your dolls have a great Easter again this year.

    1. Thanks. One of these days I'd like to make a bunch of mini items for little Easter baskets and decorate my 1/6 scale house for the season. I used to decorate my Dixie's Diner, but I got out of the habit.

  2. I love the rocking chair, it looks so real. I have one but in 1/12 scale. The bricks are so cool. I'm wondering if you can build real doll house of it. Very great finds:)

    1. It's actually one of the best 1/6 scale rocking chairs I've seen. I wondered about the bricks too. The ones I have still in their box came with a sand mixture to make your own mortar and some of them were put together,so I guess it could be done. That would be one heavy dollhouse!

  3. Those are all great finds, but the bricks are a bit puzzling. I mean they're awesome, I just can't figure out what they're for?

    1. The big box of them I have was a kids building set. I guess you just build with them and make whatever, just for the pleasure of building. I want to have my doll Wally World build a brick wall around their yard! (If they ever get a yard again. Their house is in limbo right now.)


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