Monday, March 16, 2015

My Birthday Report

    The weather is warmish and most of the snow has melted. My daffodils are poking out of the mud, and the iris's are showing signs of life. I have baby tomato plants starting to grow. It might actually be starting to look like Spring.
  As you may have noticed, I had a birthday the other day. In spite of being sick with the whatever-this-thing-is, I managed to enjoy myself.We went to Columbus and shopped and ate, and, in my case, wanted to lay down and close my eyes.
  The Indian food was a bit disappointing. It wasn't nearly as good as it was last time. It was nice to have a buffet that we, as vegetarians, could eat anything from, but it wasn't the best Indian food we could have gotten. The paneer Makhani  was too salty, the samosas were too bland, and the saag paneer was just ok.
  It seemed that everything I went shopping for was not available. I had considered getting an Our Generation mini doll, but when we got to Target they only had two different OG mini dolls, and they were more expensive than I remembered them being. I decided to think about it.Then I forgot instead.
  The movies I needed to replace my broken Planet of the Apes Blu Rays weren't in stock at Barnes and Noble or Best Buy, both of which had had plenty around Christmas time. The books I wanted were either still in hard back, (Ken wanted to buy it for me anyway, but I said I'd wait.), or not in stock. I did order the one that was just out of stock.
   Ken and Emma got me something I wanted desperately and was afraid they hadn't gotten: tickets to see The Who this May!Whoo hoo! I told them the tickets were for sale before Christmas, and they already had them by then! They didn't give them to me for Christmas though. They tortured me by making me think I wasn't getting any tickets and having to wait until my birthday. We went to see The Who last year, and they were great. It was the first time I had ever gotten to see them, since I missed out getting to see them in the early 80's. (I was supposed to go with a friend and her mom,but I apparently insulted Elvis Presley and her mom wouldn't take me. I was traded in for a different friend who didn't even like The Who. The injustice of it all. I believe anybody has the right to not like Elvis without fear of losing their Who ticket, and I still stand by that.) Like last time, Ken and Emma are both going with me. Last tour was all Quadrophenia, and this tour is all hits. Emma hopes that this time she'll know more of the songs... 
  Ivy gave me this cool miniature glass jug.

I am going to have to get around to building that 1/6 scale antique store to display all my goodies in.
  Fuzz got me the complete 'Wings' series on DVD.

Ivy and I have been enjoying Wings recently on Netflix, but they don't have all the episodes.
  I got a few other things, as well as something that came in the mail a few days later. I'll share that another day, in more detail...
   In response to a comment I said I didn't get any toys on my birthday. That wasn't strictly true. I forgot I stopped at my favourite Goodwill on the way in to town and found all these goodies:
A mint condition Loopy Hair Spot Splatter Splash Lalaloopsy, and she has her complete outfit with shoes.

 She was only $1.50, so I didn't turn her down, even though I prefer the minis.Our local Salvation Army has been charging $7.99 and up lately for Lalaloopsy dolls, even without shoes.

The articulated dolls are Fashionistas I think... one Liv.

This guy isn't jointed, but he's brand new and complete.

I love the Tinkerbelle dolls. I was afraid this one had had a haircut, but no. Her hair is always like this.

The little Chelsie friend is so cute.

And this tiny football helmet will look great in a dollhouse kid's room. It's even detailed inside, and has a tiny chin strap!

I'm not sure what I'll do with this 1/6 scale wooden table and chairs set, but it was worth $1.50.

Ken says there is something else coming in the mail. Hmm...? A body for Michael Caine perhaps? That would be cool.

 That lone head is freaking people out.


  1. Happy Birthday! Wish you all best! I really love the Chelsae friend. She is so cute. I hope to see Michael Caine in whole person soon:)

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Michael Caine's body came today! He's needing some neck adjustments, but he should be making an appearance soon!


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