Monday, March 9, 2015

Disney Store Animator's Collection Merida and a Quick Diet Update

   Just a quick update on the diet. After back sliding around Ken's birthday I am not just back to the 10 pounds I had lost, but slightly below it. (Being sick the last couple of days has made not wanting food easy.) Tomorrow is my birthday and we're eating out at an Indian restaurant Ken and I ate at for our 25th anniversary last year. They have an all vegetarian buffet. Yay! I hope I feel up to it. And I'll try not to be too bad...
  I made a great find at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago. I actually gasped when I saw this Disney Store Animator's Collection Merida on the top shelf.

Yes, she did look pretty lousy and was going to need some work. But I have been wanting one of these for ages. She's even the original version with the dark green dress.
 She had marker earrings...

...and toenail paint...

...and fingernail paint and a ring.
As well as, not one, but two ponytails and a braid in her ratty hair.

  Her hair looked so bad I wondered if I might have to just cut it and one-of-a-kind her into a boy. That would have been incredibly cute actually. I have seen lots of the Animator's Collection dolls redone, and some of them are amazing. I haven't seen a boy though, and Merida would make a wonderful little boy.

  She was also pretty dirty. So the first step was a good bath...
She was none too pleased about the bath.
 And then a soak in conditioner.
In fact, she looked pretty peeved about the whole thing.

Then came the hard part for me: dealing with that hair. If you read the blog you'll know I don't do hair. (Even my own!) I just never acquired the talent, much to my daughter's dismay! And I know you're supposed to use fabric softener for doll hair, but I don't even use it on my clothes, so I don't have any around. I could buy some just for the dolls, but I can't stand the smell of the stuff. Conditioner usually seems to work pretty well.
  So it took quite a while to get that hair detangled and the part rewoven. I don't know how many episodes of the Great British Baking Show Ken and I watched while I did it, but it did give us a chance to get caught up!
  And the bad news:
She lost a pretty good sized wad of hair. You can't tell from this, but it's huge. Luckily she had a lot of hair to begin with!
  And the good news:

Ta Da!!
 Most of her toe and finger nail 'polish' came off. The earrings look here to stay though. I just managed to pale them a little.

Fortunately, as bad as her hair was,the original ringlets were still fairly intact.

  The ringlets have started to fizzle a bit by now, so they could really use a set and spray. But as I said, I don't do hair. I'm not even up to ringlets!
  But I'm glad I have her. From other dolls I've managed to find at Goodwill in the last year I thought someone who donates shops at the Disney Store. I was hoping Merida would show up some day. Luckily I was there the day she did!


  1. ok, ese pelo tiene solución, puede quedar muchísimo mejor, mira, lo primero, mucho acondicionador, dejalo que actue con el pelo humedo pero no empapado durante una hora, o así, y lo enjuagas con agua muy muy caliente, y casi directamente lo pasas a agua fria, pero no acaba ahi la cosa, separa casa mechón y lo enrrollas en un rulo ( en los chinos po nada te compras unos), cuando tengas toda la cabeza llena mojas la muñeca con agua caliente y luego con agua fria, y la dejas secar , no quites los rulos hasta que esté seco el pelo, y ya, te tendría que quedar nuevecita, un saludo :D

    1. Thanks so much for your help.My Google translator did a very poor job, but I think I get the idea. My problem is still in the actual curling of the hair. I tried to curl ringlets on Ivy when she was little and going through her Shirley Temple phase, and all I managed to do was a limp curl at the bottom! I'll try Merida's some day.

  2. You are such a lucky one! I love these dolls, but they are sooo expensive.
    I found this Christmas Snow White for one Euro at Ebay, the Mother did not remember who the doll was, she had lost the original clothes, too.
    I always hoped I would find Rapunzel or Merinda one day. Snow WHite is cute, too, but not my wish doll.
    We have no alvation Army store or anything like that. Waaaah! You are so so lucky!

    1. Do you have a Disney Store where you are? (Germany?) They sometimes go on sale for what is $20 here. They are also on Disney, and go on sale or clearance. I don't know if you have a European version of that, and I know the shipping would be crazy if you used the U.S. version. I know there are Disney Store in Europe. We went to one in London this summer. If you ever take a trip maybe you can find one in another country.Shipping costs are so crazy it would almost be cheaper to travel!


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