Thursday, March 5, 2015

Help Me Solve the Mystery of the Strawberry Beds..

    When I was a kid my sister got a set of Barbie sized beds. They could be used as bunk beds or twin beds, (which was how we always used them).They were made of a marbley sort of swirly 
light gray and white plastic  and they came with these strawberry print pillows...

...which are all that's left of them. I think the beds and spreads must have been given away when my sister gave away her Barbie New Dreamhouse. For years the pillows were all I had to remember the beds by. Emma has used the pillows since she was little on her doll Emma The Doll's bed. But a while back I bought some stuff at a doll auction, and buried in a box of doll clothes I found THESE!

The bedspreads! From the shape they must have had rails at the side part of the way down. I didn't remember that part.
  One of them was nice and one of them was stained, but after washing and using Stain Devils on them, (Yes! Stain Devils again!) they look pretty good. I just wish I could replace the beds. 
A closeup so you can see the lace and the strawberries better.

I have no idea who they were made by. I've Googled any combination of words that might help me find them, with no luck.They were sold in the mid 60's, probably around 1965, the same year as Barbie's New Dreamhouse. If anybody out there recognizes this stuff and can tell me who the beds were made by I would appreciate it.If you have a pair to sell at a reasonable price, I'd appreciate it even more!


  1. Hi there! I went on Pinterest to see if I could help. I didn't see anything exact (yet), but this bed from the 60's looked very close. Maybe the bed fit Barbie, but wasn't the Barbie brand?

    Hey, check out this pin on Pinterest: MARX Little Hostess-Sindy-Bed.

    1. Hi. Thanks for trying! I'm pretty sure the beds weren't Mattel, and I know they weren't Suzy Goose, so probably not specifically for Barbie. Definitely that size though.I don't remember them having a headboard, but maybe they had a head rail or something. There were two of them and they could be stacked as bunk beds or used as twin beds. I don't remember them having a ladder though.I do remember them having spindle type legs, and being that marble-ish swirly light gray and white plastic.


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