Monday, March 13, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #72: The Original Barbie Baby from "Barbie Babysits"

  Wrapping up our Barbie baby series,today we're looking at the very first Barbie baby. This is the baby from "Barbie Babysits" from 1963.

Barbie Babysits was sold in it's original form for two years.

Here's the baby with some of the accessories from the set:the basket, with liner,Barbie's apron,and box of pretzels.(Because snacking is what baby sitting's all about!) I don't think that's his bottle, but he's not letting go of it!
In 1965 additional accessories were added,including a bonnet,a Christening gown,and a pink blankey for the baby.

The baby measures 3" long. I should have included this baby in the comparison picture,but I had forgotten about this poor kid until the last minute. 
He has little knee dimples!

The baby is made of  soft vinyl or plastic.
And knee creases in the back.

He has a little curl at the front of his hair.
It's not quite Ed Grimley...

And molded detail.

The baby came wearing a diaper (with a real safety pin in it,something they'd never allow these days.),and a polka dot kimono.

The fabric that was used for the baby's kimono was also used for a variation version of Tutti's Night Night Sleep Tight Robe and bedspread.

You can see my post on this Tutti rarity I used to own HERE.
Emma brought me the basket she had too, when she brought the apron,and I noticed something.

Hers is pink, and mine is white. Mattel must have just made the basket in two colours.

See you tomorrow for another doll.

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