Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #10 Cosima by Lundby

  Today's doll is Cosima by Lundby.
She has misplaced her socks and one shoe. Luckily her purse is attached!

  Cosima is from the German line of Petra dolls. Petra is the German Barbie competitor.
She came like this.
  Cosima is 7" tall. She's slightly taller than Barbie's sister Tutti,and slightly shorter than Barbie's sister Skipper, (the vintage one.).
And her tie is sideways.

  She has a cute little freckled face, and a slightly sneaky expression.

Cosima has a brother named Cosimo. Cosima and Cosimo are Petra's little brother and sister. (I think! Everything is in German! They are the flower girl and ring bearer at Petra's wedding, so I'm assuming they aren't her children.)

I got Cosima about 22 years ago. I remember when it was, because Emma was tiny and Ken was working in Columbus. He was managing a Big Lots store, and they actually had several different dolls from the Petra line.

My favourite was Cosimo. They had this one...

I kept telling Ken I wanted the Cosimo,specifying the one I wanted, because they also had the Cosimo in red and white to match my Cosima. Of course, he's Ken, so he never got around to getting the Cosimo. In the end I found there was only this Cosima left,and I nabbed her.
She has knees that do a really decent bend.

  She's cute, but the Cosimo,with his bowl haircut, was even cuter. Maybe someday...

  Se you tomorrow for another doll.

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