Monday, January 19, 2015

Diet Week 2 Results: No Drum Roll Necessary

  Well, Sunday (yesterday), was the end of week two on my diet. The week was full of ups and downs. By the middle of the week I had not only met, but surpassed my goal for the first two weeks, which was 5 pounds.(I manage to lose about 2 and a half pounds a week. That's a good amount, because I read that if you lose any more than that in a week you are more likely to put it right back on.) Then the weight started to do weird things. It went up one day, and down the next, and then back up. By yesterday I had lost only .2 pounds since last Sunday. So my total for the last two weeks is only 3.8. I have to admit, I haven't been nearly as strict with myself as I have been in the past when I go on my diet. With me it seems it has to be all or nothing. If I slip and let myself have something I shouldn't I find it hard to stick to the diet at all. This time I have allowed myself a little here and a little there. The last two Saturdays I have allowed myself treats: cookies the first week, and brownies this past weekend. Both times I traded my evening meal for the treats, hoping that way I wouldn't overshoot my calorie allowance enough to sabotage my whole week. (That's bad, but a lot of the time I only eat twice a day anyway. That's one of the things that is so weird about my dieting. I have to actually make myself eat more. I have to make sure I eat three meals a day to get my metabolism started.)
  Well, it wasn't bad the first week, but this week I totally messed up. I have been having spells where I get extremely nauseous in a hot shower, and on Saturday I was actually feeling woozy. I thought my blood sugar might have been low. I've never had these problems before when I've done this diet. I think it may be because I was super hungry when I got woozy because eating my meal helped. As for the nausea, it could be because I've been taking my shower super late at night, (That's just the way it has worked out lately.),and the hot steamy shower and the empty stomach were not a good combination. I don't know why, but I'm feeling the hunger more this time than I have before when I've done the diet. Maybe I'm just not remembering how hungry I was before. I know I was, but I didn't think it was still this bad after  two weeks. I think I just need to get used to it. I really shouldn't be hungry. I'm actually eating more than I normally do!I've just cut the fat and spread the food out a bit. Whereas normally I would eat a couple of pieces of bread and one piece of protein at a meal,I'm only having one piece of bread, but I'm eating a third meal.So I'm getting more protein, but less starch,sugar, and dairy.Here's what I've been eating:
Breakfast: cereal and milk. Usually I have Cinnamon Life cereal, but I also had some flax cereal. The last time I did this diet I ate All Bran. It was like eating cardboard, but it was high in fiber and vitamins, low in fat and sugar. This time I have been letting myself off easy with the Life.
  So I'm starting a new week. I hope I can be better. I also need to start some toning exercises until the weather gets good enough and I can get out on my bike.
Lunch and Dinner: I have been having a Morningstar Farms soy 'chicken' patty, or Gardien 'fish' (I'm vegetarian.) or similar protein, with a big salad of greens, cauliflower, broccoli, onion,and just a few dried cranberries,and about a teaspoon of raspberry salad dressing, and a piece of some type of bread. The meal, including dessert has to come in at 333 calories or less.
Dessert: Once during the first week I had a couple of graham crackers and as little milk as fit in my calorie allowance. Dairy is supposed to help you lose weight, but I have to be careful not to have too much. Most of the  first week, and the second I had flavoured popcorn. It fit in the calorie allowance, but gets exactly half it's calories from fat. Normally I keep that under half, so once again, I'm pushing it eating the popcorn. (I HATE popcorn normally, but this stuff is really good. It's pumpkin spice flavour, which I love.)
  So, I'm going to have to be better this week.No more goodies, and easy on the popcorn. I was good tonight. Ken and Ivy got pizza and I didn't even touch it. It was even from one of the two pizza places that I really like best.

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  1. I know that's a totall different diet, but have you tried food combining/separation diet? I normally have the same problem like you. I'm so hungry and it's hard to resign sweets (I LOVE sugar ^^). That's why I'm doing food combining. I'm eating lots of carbs in the morning(but no protein), then I have 4 to 5 hours where I eat nothing, then I have lunch with carbs and protein, then again 4 to 5 hours nothing and then for dinner just protein food. The good thing on this diet is that you can eat everything and as much as you want as long as you take care of the 4 to 5 hours and the different day times. Loosing wait is slow at the beginning, but it goes faster after a few weeks.
    I'm thinking of you, you'll do fine on dieting - I'm sure :)


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