Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Drum Roll Please ! Diet Weel 1 Results

  I've posted a dollish book review today too, so have a look.I'm still getting used to the idea of not posting a doll every day! It feels a little strange. Several times I've had to remind myself that, no, I don't have to decide which doll to use and get it photographed. In a way, that year slipped by. In another way, it seems ages ago that I started Doll-A-Day. I very nearly went out and photographed a doll in the snow today, but the temperature changed my mind! Maybe tomorrow though!
  I had a great idea for a 1/6 scale chair this morning, so this evening when I had to take Ken to work I went to Hobby Lobby to see if they had the fabric I was imagining it in. They didn't, but they had a lot of marked down remnants clearanced even further, so I came home with a small pile of stuff to work with. I'm sure I'll use it sometime.
  While I'm thinking of it, I also wanted to share a picture of the great embroidery Ivy did for me on a pillowcase she gave me for Christmas.
Sorry it's a little wrinkled. I've been sleeping on it.

She's 15 and has never embroidered before in her life, so I am very impressed. I thought she had bought it when I opened it on Christmas. I was amazed that she had embroidered it herself, and even drew her own design. She's itching to try again, and I'm anxious to see what she comes up with next.
  Yes, it's still cold here. Ivy was off from school again. They've had two days of school since they went back from Christmas vacation. We live where most of the schools are 'city schools', where there are a lot of kids who walk to school. When it gets too cold for them to walk they cancel school.
  I completed Week 1 of my diet. I  kind of fell off the diet a bit one day because I weakened and ate some cookies. But if I figured it correctly  I only went over my calorie allowance by 70-90 calories. My weight loss went back and forth during the week. At one point I had lost over 4 pounds, but my weight in today showed it as 2.6 pounds. My weekly goal is 2.5, which I can do pretty easily as long as I keep to my calorie a day limit. My limit is 1000 calories a day,not counting all the raw veggies I want. I also try to make sure less than half the calories are from fat, and I drink alot of water. Can I just mention here that I HATE water? The last time I did my diet I did actually find myself craving a drink of water after a while. It took getting used to,but I got used to it and stuck to the water most of the time, even after I went off my diet. Over time I went back to drinking more milk and juice and less water. I love milk. It's a family trait. My Dad's side of the family all drink a lot of milk. When my cousin Bobby fell down a few steps in his house and broke his wrist a few years ago I was amazed. I said," Bobby! How could you break a bone? You're a Colvin! You should have bones like granite from all that milk!" My Dad fell now and then during his last 10 years, and he died at almost 91 without ever breaking a bone,(apart from all the ones he broke as a young guy,by doing stupid stuff like getting towed on a  bicycle by a guy on a MOTORCYCLE.) Milk puts on the weight though.When I'm on my diet I have to keep it to just the milk on my cereal in the morning, and maybe very little milk now and then.
  I'll be posting some doll stuff this week. Don't forget to check out today's other post, a review of a doll based book you can cozy down and read with your kids in this cold weather.


  1. Ivy's embroidery is lovely, what a great present! Congratulations on loosing the weight you wanted to loose per week, great job! Water comes in so many different tastes, some are delicious, others are awful LOL! It's healthy and necessary though, so good for you that you drink it even if you don't like it :-).

  2. Ivy is very talented! I'm proud of her.
    Thanks! Seeing results makes it a lot easier to stay on the thing! I thought about those flavoured waters, or even water flavourings, but I try to stay away from artificial sweeteners, even the supposedly fruit based ones. I don't trust anything that doesn't occur naturally. Sugar is only about 10 calories a spoonful, and at least I know what I'm getting! So I'll take plain water and lump it! (That sounds gross...)


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