Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thrft Store Finds Part 3: Madeline Case and Miss Clavel

  If you have been reading the last few days you'll know I made quite a thrift store haul about a week ago. I showed you the Woodseys and Strawberry Shortcake dolls. Today, in part 3, I'm showing you this Madeline Doll Case and the goodies inside, which I got at Goodwill for only $2.00.

The case is made to look like the 'old house in Paris'. The front shows Madeline and friends looking out the windows.

The case is from 1999, and was made for the 8" Eden Madeline dolls.
The back shows Madeline's friend Pepito upstairs, and more girls in the downstairs window and hiding behind a tree.

There's Miss Clavel in the downstairs side window.That latch is REALLY sturdy.

Miss Clavel was inside the case.The ribbons on the right are for storing two dolls.When the case is opened there is a little table printed on the left. It's a flap, which opens, and on the other side... a vanity.

In addition to Miss Clavel there were several items of clothing and a couple of hangers stuffed in the two storage drawers. The yellow smock and blue beret are from a Madeline artists outfit.

There is supposed to be a bar on the left for hanging clothes, but this one is missing. It can be replaced with a  tiny wooden dowel.

There were also 5 socks, a pair of cozy slippers and matching robe,a pink and white striped shirt and bibbed overalls, a red plaid shirt,a school dress, and a yellow Madeline and friends hat.

You may have seen Tammy World wearing the same kind of red plaid shirt in my First Day of School photostory.

I love the Madeline dollhouse,(You can see mine HERE.), but the dolls never interested me much. There are some really cute clothes made for them though, and they fit the original style Barbie sister Stacey doll pretty well...
 Like this Stacey given to me recently by my doll friend Connie. Thanks Connie!The overalls are a little short, but if they were rolled up they would look like they were made that way.(Or Stacey would look like she should be in the 80's band Dexy's Midnight Runners...)

Come on Eileen...

She hasn't had a trip to the hairdressers yet, Her bangs are a little matted.
They also fit the When I Read I Dream dolls like Tammy 'Fern' World. That's because those dolls were made with the Stacey body. That's what interested me. I wanted the overalls and robe and slipper set.
  Miss Clavel is wearing her habit, but not her wimple.

She looks a little disheveled, but then, taking care of all those kids must be hard on the nerves.
She has quite an elaborate bun.

She wears some clod hoppers.

Maybe they aren't her shoes.They fit very loosely. They're really floppy on her feet. Is she missing some socks or tights?
  Another question: Her legs seem to be molded in a bent position.

Floppy shoes.

Bent knees. I thought at first she had bendable legs and they were in the slightly bent position. They aren't bendable though.

It makes her look a little bow legged. Is she meant to be this way?
  I still have more to show from that week's thrift store hauls. Keep watching...


  1. Oh I remember the Madeline series in TV, but I didn't know that there were dolls or even a dollhouse of them! What a gorgeous find! And your dollhouse looks amazing.

  2. I think those are her boots. The shoes for those dolls don't fit particularly well.

    1. Did your Miss Clavel have boots on? Same ones?

  3. I had the book as a toddler, and have it still. I remember how I played 'Madeleine and her friends' with my chess, the figures stood in the package and had their places to eat and wash^^ I saw the first second it was Madeleine in your post, but I never heard of dolls. Again, I wished I had it!


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